Discussions animées entre entendeurs de voix

Discussions animées entre entendeurs de voix

26th TIDF: Greek Premiere

Instead of the term “schizophrenic,” they prefer the expression “voice-hearer.” Twice a month, they gather around Virginia. She has set up and runs a discussion group for people suffering from this disease, reputed to be incurable and whose name alone triggers all the fantasies of madness. With her, they recount their lives with the voices in their heads.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Available at the Agora Market TIDF26.

Direction: Tristan Thil
Script: Tristan Thil
Editing: Victor Ede
Sound: Kevin Le Quellec
Music: Thomas Schmidt
Production: Cinéphage Productions
Producers: Victor Ede
Co-production: 12//24 Films
Co-producers: Marianne Chazelas
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 13'
Contact: Miyu Distribution

Animation: Cecile Milazzo, Marjorie Caup

Tristan Thil


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