Home and Away

Suomeen juurtuneet

26th TIDF: International Premiere
One of the most prominent European documentary makers returns with a testament of what he calls “Finnishness in the 2020s”: an intimate documentation of different relationships between fathers and sons, and about outsiders putting down roots in Finnish society, following the footsteps of two contemporary basketball legends. Shawn Huff and Ervin Latimer Jr. are the children of two African-American basketball players – Leon Huff and Ervin Latimer Sr. – who moved to Finland in the 1970s. The fathers handed down their legacy of perseverance, ambition, and resistance to racism, and the sons have now grown up to become Finnish social and political influencers. The sons channel the experiences of the silent fathers and transform those experiences into action, and both generations fight for a more equal world. A documentary that comes at a time when racism scandals have been front and center for the Finnish government, and reminds us the power of example and identification, as well as the right (of the Self and the Other) to differ.
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Direction: Arto Halonen
Script: Arto Halonen
Cinematography: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen
Editing: Katja Pällijeff, Saara Välimäki
Sound: Janne Jankeri
Music: Kalle Koivisto
Actors: Shawn Huff, Leon Huff, Ervin Latimer Jr., Ervin Latimer Sr.
Production: Art Films Production
Producers: Arto Halonen
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Finland
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 112'
Contact: Arto Halonen

Arto Halonen


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