Only Godard

Seul Godard

26th TIDF: International Premiere

How do you craft the portrait of Jean-Luc Godard, or better yet a portrait of his methodology, his universe, his way of constructing or deconstructing cinema, that is equal to his own cinematic audacity and genius? How could it be anything other than by taking risks, and trying out equally radical methods, never straying from to his example. The two filmmakers immerse us into the storage warehouse where, in 2010, all the archives kept by Godard in Switzerland were transferred, and they create a doppelganger (or a duplicate) of the director, who takes up the role of our guide into his world. Excerpts from his writings, his images, his perspective in cinema give us a glimpse into his mythology, his techniques, his singular gaze, and therefore also in his worldview. His questions, his relentless experimentation in cinema, and the nature of creation are showcased here as being both truly prolific, as well as still relevant, while they are intricately intertwined into a film essay that we are certain even Godard himself would have enjoyed.

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Direction: Arnaud Lambert, Vincent Sorrel
Script: Arnaud Lambert, Vincent Sorrel
Cinematography: Julien Perrin, Vincent Sorrel
Editing: Luc Forveille, Antoine Boutet
Sound: Benoît Chabert d’Hières
Production: Ardeche Images Production
Producers: Jean-Marie Barbe
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: France
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 88'
Contact: Ardeche Images Production

Arnaud Lambert


2014 Retour à Berlin
2015 Chris Marker, Never Explain Never Complain (co-direction)
2021 Forêts de Philippe Artières
2023 Only Godard (co-direction)

Vincent Sorrel


1999 Là-bas où le diable vous souhaite bonne nuit (short, co-direction)
2006 Nous sommes nés pour marcher sur la tête des rois
2010 The Filmmaker is an Athlete. Conversations with Vittorio De Seta (co-direction)
2023 Only Godard (co-direction)