The Pickers

The Pickers

26th TIDF: World Premiere
Do you ever wonder how the fruits we consume make their way from the farm to our table, who harvests the oil we put in our salad, or the oranges we derive our juice from each morning? In an era during which words such as “organic” and ideas such as “farm to table” are promoted as the cornerstone for healthy living in the west, nearly nobody chooses to question who the people working the earth are today. The Pickers provides the answers while primarily posing some difficult questions in regards to the reality irregular migrants have to face while, at least in the countries of the European south, they are the ones bringing agricultural products into our homes. A must-see documentary, especially for a country like Greece – and each of our neighboring countries – where there are countless cuisines with fruits and vegetables as necessary ingredients, but only a handful of people willing or able to round them up, creating a scale of inequity, that is nearly impossible to balance.
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Direction: Elke Sasse
Cinematography: Marcus Zahn
Editing: Janine Dauterich, Peter Klum
Sound: Pascal Capitolin, Karsten Höfer, Pedro Anacleto, Pratiksha Dhakras, Tassos Gikas, Sebastian Löffler, Jan Rosemann
Music: Marcus Zahn
Production: Berlin Producers
Producers: Eleni Chandrinou, Manuel Claro, Kristian Kähler, Pedro Rosa
Co-production: SP-I, Neda Films, WDR / Arte
Executive producer: Kristian Kähler
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Nepal
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 80'
Contact: Berlin Producers

Elke Sasse


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