Shadow of War

Umbra Războiului

26th TIDF: World Premiere

When Russian armed forces invaded Ukraine, Moldovans raced to the borders to assist refugees, offering warm food, rides, and shelter. At the same time, a group of Moldovan filmmakers formed an ad-hoc film collective to document the unwavering efforts of volunteers and the fate of refugees through multifaceted lenses. Despite these acts of solidarity, a segment of the population's Soviet nostalgia fuels a growing fear that the country could be drawn into the war.

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Direction: The Ad-hoc Film Collective
Script: Natalia Shaufert, Maxim Cirlan, Dumitrita Pacicovschi
Cinematography: Nicolae Mafteuta, Doina Romanta Dochitan, Roman Gatcan, Ghena Morosanu, Trofim Gutan, Calin Laur, Ion Gnatiuc, Arcadie Placinta, Mihaela Rusnac, Valentin Rusnac, Veceslav Hincu, Sid Smith, Stanislav Semionov, Bogdan Raba, Tudor Stubei, Toma Panco
Editing: Denis Bartenev
Sound: Radu Bostan
Music: Marta Gincu
Production: Moldox Association, The Ad-hoc Film Collective
Producers: Maxim Cirlan, Dumitrita Pacicovschi, Natalia Shaufert
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Moldova
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 95'
Contact: Moldox Association

The Ad-hoc Film Collective

Nicolae Mafteuța, Tatiana Beșliu, Doina Romanța Dochitan, Ghena Moroșanu, Ion Gnatiuc, Mihaela Rusnac, Valentin Rusnac, Pavel Brăila Trofim Guțan, Arcadie Plăcinta, Călin Laur, Toma Panco, Roman Gațcan, Vadim Tristan Belocur, Lucia Tăut, Tudor Stubei, Bogdan Raba


2024 Shadow of War