Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing

26th TIDF: Greek Premiere
Of all the little creatures in the world, the hummingbird has the greatest ability to cheat death: with a heart that beats faster than any living thing, with an indomitable grace to fly in every direction (even backwards), it falls hibernating to reduce its need for food – thus reminding humanity of its limits. Terry Masear, a natural scientist who lives in Los Angeles, wants to save every injured hummingbird in the City of Angels, but the path to survival is fraught with uncertainty and drama. This intimate and profound story of rescuing the fastest things on wings leans in deep to reveal the hummingbird as it’s never been seen before, both visually but also in terms of its personality. Through the eyes of America’s busiest bird rehabilitator, each bird becomes memorable, mighty, and heroic.  Focusing on these marvels of natural engineering (the messengers from the other side), the film challenges us to ask: when we choose to save another, can we find a blueprint to save ourselves? Visually stunning with enormous take-home wisdom, this feature documentary canvasses themes of the human experience and the magic of the natural world right in the heart of one of the most diverse, urbanized cities on earth.
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Direction: Sally Aitken
Cinematography: Ann Johnson Prum, Nathan Barlow, Dan Freene
Editing: Tania Nehme
Music: Caitlin Yeo
Actors: Terry Masear
Producers: Bettina Dalton, Oli Harbottle, Anna Godas
Executive producer: David Guy Elisco, Sean B. Carroll, Alan Erson, Michael Tear
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Australia
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 93'

Sally Aitken


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