Daphne was a torso ending in leaves

Daphne was a torso ending in leaves

26th TIDF: Greek Premiere

Daphne was a torso ending in leaves is a playful and witty ode to a star of classical mythology: Daphne. Here, the beautiful nymph, who was metamorphosed into a tree to escape a stalking God, is celebrated as a heroine and master of her destiny. But this cinematic gem, shot on 16mm, is above all a rich filmic experience, in which images and sound are meticulously intertwined to immerse the spectator in a universe of myth and legend. A spritely and tactile essayistic ode to a heroine of Greek myth, and a profound reflection on the legacy of an ancient arboreal transformation.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Direction: Catriona Gallagher
Cinematography: Catriona Gallagher
Editing: Catriona Gallagher
Sound: Alyssa Moxley
Music: Alyssa Moxley
Producers: Catriona Gallagher
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B&W
Production Country: Italy, Greece, UK
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 14'
Contact: Catriona Gallagher
Awards/Distinctions: KNF Award – Rotterdam IFF 2024

Catriona Gallagher


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