26th TIDF: Greek Premiere

A juxtaposition of two realities; one about the conditions of the Ukrainians (revealed mainly through images of their wrecked or abandoned homes) who fight any way they can against the war violence, and the other one about the atrocities committed by the Russian army. The latter is unveiled utilizing voice-off – telephone conversations of ordinary Russian soldiers in Ukraine with their friends and family in Russia – over mutely heart-wrenching images of the cities that were affected the most by the invasion. These conversations have been intercepted and were made public on the internet by the Ukrainian Secret Service. This disturbing film could provide the material for a serious sociological/psychological study in regard to how ideology evokes moral and emotional rigidity to otherwise common people. A visually remarkable documentary that purely conveys the brutality of war, and how a human being can turn into a monster within its constraints, without the goodness bleeding through even a little; not even from the tiniest of scratches.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Direction: Oksana Karpovych
Script: Oksana Karpovych
Cinematography: Christopher Nunn
Editing: Charlotte Tourrès
Sound: Alex Lane
Music: NFNR
Production: Les films Cosmos, Hutong Productions, Moon Man
Producers: Rocío B. Fuentes, Giacomo Nudi, Pauline Tran Van Lieu, Lucie Rego, Darya Bassel, Olha Beskhmelnytsina
Co-production: ARTE France - Génération Ukraine
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Canada, France, Ukraine
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 93'
Contact: Lightdox

Oksana Karpovych


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