AKOE/AMFI: The Story of a Revolution (*Just to sleep on their chest…)

ΑΚΟΕ/ΑΜΦΙ: Η Ιστορία Μιας Επανάστασης (*Να κοιμάμαι στο στήθος του…)

Greece, 1977. A proposed law brings gay men and “transvestites” together in a historic event and sparks the creation of the first Greek LGBTQI+ movement. For the next 13 years, AKOE and its magazine Amfi, would define the way LGBTQI+ Greeks think about themselves. This film celebrates their story and legacy.
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Direction: Iossif Vardakis
Script: Iossif Vardakis
Cinematography: Dimitris Kasimatis
Editing: Kostis Kontogeorgos
Sound: Kostas Koutelidakis
Music: K. Bhta
Production: Laika Productions
Producers: Marina Danezi, Tasos Koronakis
Co-production: Greek Film Centre – Special Covid-19 Funding Scheme
Narration: Iōko Ioannis Kotidis
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 72'
Contact: Laika Productions (Tasos Koronakis, tkoronakis@gmail.com)
Awards/Distinctions: Audience Award (Greek documentary over 50 minutes) – Thessaloniki IDF 2023
The screening is followed by a discussion with Iossif Vardakis, Director of the film and Michael Lolis, Police Captain, Member of Police Action for Human Rights and of the European LGBT Police Association.

Iossif Vardakis


2023 AKOE/AMFI: The Story of a Revolution (*Just to sleep on their chest…)