10 Years Athens Pride

10 Χρόνια Athens Pride

“In 2014, on the tenth anniversary of Athens Pride, I grabbed a camera and asked the thoughts of different people in the community: was there any change? Opinion was divided, but the opinion that came last was that of Zak Kostopoulos – who was right!”: these are the words of the influential figure Maria Cyber, as she looks back at her first attempt in filmmaking. “I think things are changing, getting better. They’re also getting worse at the same time, strangely enough. There’s an increase in people who are very anti [-LGBTQI+] and those who are pro… Let’s see who’ll win in the end – we will!” Zak charmingly said to the camera held by Maria, with whom he had a friendly relationship, four years before his brutal murder.
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Direction: Maria Katsikadakou (aka Maria Cyber)
Cinematography: Maria Katsikadakou (a.k.a. Maria Cyber)
Editing: Νίκος Πρωτονοτάριος
Actors: Zak Kostopoulos, Anna Kouroupou, Panagiotis Evangelidis
Format: HD
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2014
Duration: 6'
Contact: Maria Katsikadakou (aka Maria Cyber) (info@glykouli.gr)

Maria Katsikadakou (aka Maria Cyber)


2014 10 Years Athens Pride (short)
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2021 Friends & Benefits (short)
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