Who I Am Not

Who I Am Not

What makes a male, and what makes a female? Where do we draw the line, and does it really matter? Sharon-Rose Khumalo, a South African beauty queen, plunges into an identity crisis after finding out she is intersex. She needs the guidance of somebody just like her. The only person who will help is Dimakatso Sebidi, a male-presenting intersex activist who turns out to be her complete opposite. The two parallel but divergent stories are an intimate look at the struggle of living in a male-female world, when you are both, or neither. Who I Am Not gives a voice to the long-ignored and mostly silent two percent of the world's population: the intersex community.
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Direction: Tünde Skovrán
Script: Tünde Skovrán
Cinematography: Daniel Szantnder, Felix Steigler, Guillaume Beaudouin
Editing: Marianna Rudas
Sound: Martin Cadieux
Music: Luc Sicard
Actors: Sharon-Rose Khumalo
Production: Double 4 Studios România
Producers: Andrei Zincă
Co-production: Filmoption International
Co-producers: Paul Cadieux, Patrick Hamm
Executive producer: Patricia Arquette, Andrei Zincă, Tünde SkovránMarc Smolowitz, Jafta Mekgoe, Danielle Turkov
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Romania, Canada
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 103'
Contact: CAT&Docs
Awards/Distinctions: Silver Alexander Award, Mermaid Award, WIFT Award – Thessaloniki IDF 2023, New Talent Award – DocsBarcelona 2023, Silver Horn Award – Krakow FF 2023, Best Documentary – DocEdge 2023, Audience Award – Frameline: San Francisco International LGBTQ+ FF 2023, Special Mention, Jury Prize for Diversity and Human Rights – Zinegoak Bilbao International LGBT Film and Performing Arts Festival 2023, Best Feature Documentary Award – GAZE International LGBTQ+ FF 2023, Best Documentary – MIX Copenhagen LGBTQ+

Tünde Skovrán


2015 The Little Snail (short fiction, co-direction)
2016 Too Deep in the Forest (short fiction) 2023 Who I Am Not