26th TIDF: Greek Premiere
Where is the truth of our existence, and where exactly does one exist as their true self? The film by Benjamin Ree (The Painter and the Thief) inspires us to question exactly that through the story of a Norwegian gamer who passed away at the age of 25, after having suffered from a degenerative disease from a very young age. His family believed him to be a solitary being, leading an existence “imprisoned” in front of his PC, until they found out posthumously that his presence in the digital sphere was fascinating. Somewhere out there, in the online game War of Warcraft, Ibelin – as was his avatar name – was not only extremely popular but he had also touched the lives of many users – people that today generously return his love to his parents offline. Startlingly and naturally emotional, ingenious in its format, as well as exquisite in each of its aspects, Ibelin is a heartbreaking film, touching even hearts of stone and serving as a reminder that love, a community’s ties, and the emotional range do not necessarily require a physical world in order to blossom
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Direction: Benjamin Ree
Cinematography: Rasmus Tukia, Tore Vollan
Editing: Robert Stengård
Sound: Joakim Bjerknæs, Gisle Tveito
Music: Uno Helmersson
Production: Medieoperatørene
Producers: Ingvil Giske
Co-producers: Hans Andreas Fay
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Norway
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 104'
Contact: Netflix
Awards/Distinctions: Directing Award, Audience Award (World Cinema Documentary) – Sundance FF 2024, Dragon Award for Best Nordic Documentary – Göteborg FF 2024, Audience Award – Tromsø IFF 2024
Head Animators: Rasmus Tukia, Ada Wikdahl

Benjamin Ree


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