From screen to Screen

Filmmakers record instances of reality through the TV camera lens, making a decisive transition from the small screen to the Big one.

  • Aggelos Katakouzinos: In the Legion of Honor
    Άγγελος Κατακουζηνός: Στη λεγεώνα της τιμής Victor Dimas 2018, Greece
    A film about the life and work of Angelos Katakouzinos – a distinguished and pioneer neuropsychiatrist, member of the French Academy of Sciences, who opened new avenues and produced significant ...

  • Boys & Ballet
    Αγόρια & Μπαλέτο Grigoris Vardarinos 2018, Greece
    The boys attending the Higher Professional Dance School of the Greek National Opera unfold their dreams, the difficulties they encountered to get there, their first pliés and relevés, their relationship ...

  • In Search of Kazantzakis
    Αναζητώντας τον Καζαντζάκη Alexandros Skouras 2018, Greece
    A documentary portrait of Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis. Through a fascinating journey of originality, boldness and respect, it reveals the personality and work of the man who defined not only ...

  • In Vino Veritas - History of Greek Wine
    In Vino Veritas – Η ιστορία του ελληνικού κρασιού Konstantinos Tseklenis 2018, Greece
    The history and cultural significance of Greek Wine, through a documentary project that reveals the picturesque vineyards valleys and the winemaking process in Greece. Archaeologists, historians, winegrowers, oenologists, winemakers, sommeliers, ...

  • Letter to Theo
    Lettre à Théo Élodie Lélu 2018, Belgium, Greece
    A letter of love and admiration from French filmmaker Élodie Lélu to her friend and close collaborator Théo Angelopoulos, the most significant director in Greek art film history. A documentary ...

  • Life in the Tomb – Making of
    Η ζωή εν τάφω – Making of Vassilis Moissidis 2019, Greece
    Greece’s state broadcaster ERT returns to Greek fiction with an ambitious production written and directed by Tasos Psarras. The TV adaptation of the classic novel by Stratis Myrivilis is a ...

  • Listen to Your Voice
    Ακούς τη φωνή σου Stathis Vasiliadis 2019, Greece
    A documentary about the one and only European municipal radio working on a voluntary basis. Through interviews, reviews, and broadcasts, it presents how it managed to survive the economic crisis ...

  • Philip Roth – Notebooks
    Φίλιπ Ροθ – Τετράδια Maria Giannouli 2018, Greece
    Philip Roth, one of the greatest writers of all times, opens up his heart and soul to Thanassis Lalas and talks honestly and with self-sarcasm about his childhood, about writing, ...

  • Shedia (The Greek Street Magazine)
    Σχεδία Lefteris Fylaktos 2018, Greece
    Homeless people are invisible. Do they live among us? Or do we live among them? Could it be that our worlds are so far apart? In this episode of ERT’s ...

    STACO (Street Art Conservators) Elias Demetriou 2018, Greece
    A volunteer team named St.A.Co (Street Art Conservators) has undertaken since 2012 to protect street artworks in Athens.

  • The Pontic Lyre They Gave Me
    Τη λύρα μου έδωσαν ποντιακή Angelos Kovotsos 2018, Greece
    Michalis Kaliontzidis, a leading virtuoso of the Pontic lyre, has dedicated his life to the “cementze,” as the instrument with the unique timbre is called in Pontiac! The lyre, the ...

  • We Will Not Sell Our Future
    Δε θα πουλήσουμε το μέλλον μας Niki Velissaropoulou 2018, Greece
    Dimitra and Garyfallia, two teenage girls, live in Halkidiki, which is threatened with an unprecedented environmental disaster by an open-air gold mining project. The two girls are drastically propelled into ...

  • Α Journey in the World with an Oud
    Ταξίδι στον κόσμο με ένα ούτι Ioannis Remoundos 2018, Greece
    The documentary follows Kyriakos Kalaitzidis’ thirty-year music journey, from Seattle to Sydney and from Shanghai to Mexico City, highlighting his strong presence at the most famous stages and festivals around ...

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