Tribute to Stavros Kaplanidis

Filmmaker Stavros Kaplanidis (1945–2019) studied Cinema in France and throughout his longstanding career he collaborated with some of most prominent figures of Greek and international cinema, such as Agnès Varda, Theo Angellopoulos, Dimos Theos, Nikos Perakis, Billy Wilder, Alan Parker, Stravros Tornes, and Demos Avdeliodis. He adapted Lousias by Nikos Chouliaras into a mini TV series (1989), and engaged in documentary, focusing on distinguished and highly esteemed personalities from his milieu that had served as a source of inspiration. In 1994, he directed the documentary Stavros Tornes. The Poor Hunter of the South, followed by Play it Again, Christos (in the memory of Christos Vakalopoulos, 2007) and Anna Wich: Photographer (2013). He went on to direct fiction films Les Amants Terribles (starring Danièle Dubroux, 1985) and Canteen (screenplay by Stavros Tsiolis, 2009). Alongside poet Elias Lagios, he co-wrote the screenplay for the film Eva (a recount of the life and the ideas of Eva-Palmer Sikelianos), which never made it to the production stage. He was head of the secretary of redaction at the book review The Books’ Journal. His swan-song film Teos and Stavros will celebrate its premiere at the 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

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