Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is already so much more than a simple technological innovation. The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival introduces a new competition program, featuring films which prove that this new medium can pave the way for novel cinematic experience and art.

  • Home After War
    Home After War Gayatri Parameswaran 2018, Germany
    The true story of an Iraqi man who returns to his city and faces the threat of improvised explosive devices. Join him in his home and discover the unfolding of ...

  • Laboratory of Dilemmas
    Laboratory of Dilemmas George Drivas 2018, Greece
    A VR experience based on Aeschylus’ theatre play Iketides (Suppliant Women), which poses a dilemma between saving the Foreigner and maintaining the safety of the Native. The work originally presented ...

  • Songbird
    Songbird Lucy Greenwell 2018, Denmark, UK
    A fairytale with a dark heart, taking us to the island of Kauai in 1984 and into a replica of a lush forest filled with colorful birds. Here, you are ...

  • The Green Line
    The Green Line Ioannis Bekiaris, Alexis Mavros 2018, Cyprus
    Since 1974, after a Turkish invasion resulting in the occupation of the northern third of the island, Cyprus has been divided by a UN-patrolled buffer zone known as the Green ...

  • The Industry
    The Industry Mirka Duijn 2018, The Netherlands
    Amsterdam is the drug capital of Europe. Marijuana is in the Dutch nation’s genes, coke enters the country through its harbors, and XTC is as Dutch as chocolate sprinkles. An ...

  • The Last Red House
    L' ultima casetta rossa Laura Schimmenti 2018, Italy
    Carmelo is a Sicilian officer at the front in the Greek island of Kefalonia during the Second World War, when the Italian soldiers of the Acqui Division decided to resist ...

  • The Real Thing
    Archi-Vrai Benoît Felici, Mathias Chelebourg 2018, France
    Around China’s largest cities, entire neighborhoods have been inspired by foreign models. The film explores the most stunning of these “fake cities” – traveling from Paris to London, and Venice.

  • The Small Big
    The Small Big Pu-Yuan Cheng, Hon-Long Hsu 2018, Taiwan
    A petite insect that doesn’t fly but utilizes extraordinary climbing techniques, has a brilliant protective colors and a hard outer shell to protect itself from the environment, and has won ...

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