21st TDF: Greek Premiere

No es (It isn’t) is a cumulative poem by Mariano Blatt, whose constant writing process extends over a lifetime. The text of the poem, to which verses are added over days, months and years, can cover anything: images, people, memories, landscapes, phrases, ideas, etc. Having that list of “what seems to be but isn’t” ringing in his head, Eduardo Williams’ film observes in a perpetual movement the spaces and people to create another poem that caresses, crashes and spins next to No es.

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Direction: Eduardo Williams
Cinematography: Ivandro Cá, Vadinho da Costa, Edmilson Djú, Alfa Kalido Baldé, Richar Dias, Diomedes S Djú, Janaina Casimiro Ié, Nadi Ouadé, Brigila Chico Cá
Editing: Eduardo Williams
Sound: Simón Apostolou
Production: Un puma
Producers: Nahuel Pérez Bizcayart, María Victoria Marotta, Jerónimo Quevedo
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Guinea-Bissau, Argentina, Switzerland
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 23΄
Contact: Eduardo Williams,

Eduardo Williams

Eduardo Williams (1987) is a filmmaker and artist whose works explore a fluid mode of observation, looking for shared relations and spontaneous adventures within physical and virtual networks. His first feature, El auge del humano, won the Pardo d’Oro at Filmmakers of the Present at the 69th Locarno Film Festival.


2011 Puedo ver un puma (short)
2013 Que je tombe tout le temps?
2014 Tôi quên rôi! (short)
2016 El auge del humano
2018 Parsi (short)
2023 The Human Surge 3

Mariano Blatt