21st TDF: Greek Premiere

No es (It isn’t) is a cumulative poem by Mariano Blatt, whose constant writing process extends over a lifetime. The text of the poem, to which verses are added over days, months and years, can cover anything: images, people, memories, landscapes, phrases, ideas, etc. Having that list of “what seems to be but isn’t” ringing in his head, Eduardo Williams’ film observes in a perpetual movement the spaces and people to create another poem that caresses, crashes and spins next to No es.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Direction: Eduardo Williams
Cinematography: Ivandro Cá, Vadinho da Costa, Edmilson Djú, Alfa Kalido Baldé, Richar Dias, Diomedes S Djú, Janaina Casimiro Ié, Nadi Ouadé, Brigila Chico Cá
Editing: Eduardo Williams
Sound: Simón Apostolou
Production: Un puma
Producers: Nahuel Pérez Bizcayart, María Victoria Marotta, Jerónimo Quevedo
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Guinea-Bissau, Argentina, Switzerland
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 23΄
Contact: Eduardo Williams,

Eduardo Williams


2011 Tan atentos (short)
2011 Could See a Puma (short)
2013 Que je tombe tout le temps? (short)
2014 I Forgot! (short)
2016 The Human Surge
2018 Parsi (short)

Mariano Blatt