Animus Animalis (A Story about People, Animals and Things)

Animus Animalis (istorija apie žmones, žvėris ir daiktus)

21st TDF: Greek Premiere

A taxidermist, a deer farmer and a museum employee guide us around a bizarre world, in which the line between reality and artificiality becomes imperceptible. Set up in fabricated nature’s glass-case, resembling their heart-beating “before,” the exhibited animals won’t stop observing us. The lifelike impression gradually gets stronger, only to collapse abruptly as reality kicks in. A movie that grasps, as the title implies, the soul of the animals.

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Direction: Aistė Žegulytė
Script: Aistė Žegulytė, Titas Laucius
Cinematography: Vytautas Katkus
Editing: Mikas Žukauskas
Music: Gediminas Jakubka, Mindaugas Urbaitis
Production: Meno Avilys
Producers: Giedrė Burokaitė
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Lithuania
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 69΄
Contact: Meno Avilys,

Aistė Žegulytė


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