Of Time and the City

Of Time and the City

One of the greatest living British film directors, Terence Davies, returns to the 1950s Liverpool, breaking free of his troubled childhood years. Drawing inspiration from the city symphonies of early cinema history, Davies embeds into the documentary form his talent in cycle narrative from fiction, with the help of dozens of references stemming from literature, poetry, music and sports. The outcome is a journey of rare beauty into the shaping and growth of a city, in a documentary that is still hailed as one of the best British documentaries ever to be made.
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Direction: Terence Davies
Script: Terence Davies
Cinematography: Tim Pollard
Editing: Liza Ryan-Carter
Sound: Adam Ryan-Carter
Music: Music Supervisor: Ian Neil (for DNA Music Ltd and Quantum Noise)
Production: Hurricane Films Ltd.
Producers: Solon Papadopoulos, Roy Boulter
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: UK
Production Year: 2008
Duration: 77'
Contact: Hanway Films
Awards/Distinctions: Best Non-Fiction Film – New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2009 “Cinema and the City” Award – Thessaloniki IFF 2008

Terence Davies


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2008 Of Time and the City
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