In The Intense Now

No Intenso Agora

Tied by a first person narrative thread, film footage from May ’68 in France, the Prague Spring, and the echo of the protests on the other side of the Atlantic (in Rio de Janeiro) are elegantly interweaved with clips from the camera of the director’s mother, who witnessed the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China as a tourist. A reflection on the nature of images of history, which triggers a series of questions: Who films them, why, and how? What can the archive reveal of itself without the viewer having to consult its historical context? What sorts of images are born of fear, of rapture, of urgency, of joy?

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Direction: João Moreira Salles
Script: João Moreira Salles
Editing: Eduardo Escorel, Laís Lifschitz
Sound: Denilson Campos
Music: Rodrigo Leão
Production: VideoFilmes
Executive producer: Maria Carlota Bruno
Format: DCP
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: Brazil
Production Year: 2017
Duration: 127'
World Sales: VideoFilmes,
Awards/Distinctions: Best Documentary – 9th Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali 2017 Special Prize – 15th Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Best Soundtrack – Cinéma du Réel 2017 Library Award - Cinéma du Réel 2017 Honorable Mention – Santiago IFF 2017

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