She Should Run - Cyprus

Γυναίκες πολιτικοί - Κύπρος

The film explores in depth the recent history of Cyprus including the Turkish invasion (1974), human rights issues and gender equality through the experiences of nine women involved in politics in Cyprus, who live in Nicosia - the last divided capital in Europe. Nine women from different parties and political positions have a common goal in their actions: Peace! Exclusive interviews with the First Lady and the President of Cyprus Republic Mr Nikos Anastasiadis. More women in elected office means a successful government and a better world. Let's do it! The mission of this documentary is to expand the talent pool of women running for office in Cyprus and to inspire more women to serve in the community. A nationwide community of women leaders are interviewed in Cyprus. Many are already community change-makers, leaders in their fields or workplaces and local and European office holders.

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Direction: Petra Terzi
Production Country: Cyprus, Greece
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 55'
Contact: Petra Terzi,