Carmen & Lola

Carmen y Lola

Living in a different time of the gypsies, two teenage girls learn and teach us how to smile: Carmen sells furniture in a flea market in Madrid and Lola is a teenage greengrocer. Despite their conservative environment of the Roma community where they grow up, they fall in love and thus start to plan their future together, counting οn affirmative action against the denial of a society that discards difference. A passionate film that toys with all audience’s (progressive or conservative) biases on gender and culture, rendering itself a necessary source of inspiration for all generations to come.
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Direction: Arantxa Echevarría
Script: Arantxa Echevarría
Cinematography: Pilar Sánchez Díaz
Editing: Renato Sanjuán
Sound: Fabio Huete, Dani Peña
Music: Nina Aranda
Actors: Rosy Rodriguez, Zaira Morales, Moreno Borja, Rafaela León, Carolina Yuste
Production: Tvtec Servicios Audiovisuales
Producer/Producers: Pilar Sánchez Díaz, Arantxa Echevarría
Art Direction: Soledad Seseña
Costumes: Teresa Mora
Camera: Patricia Charlin
Make Up: Gloria Pinar, Soledad Padilla
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Spain
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 105΄
World Sales: Látido Films,

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