A family gleefully talks over their breakfast. On the far side is a little girl, silently watching the family eat. That afternoon, the family goes away on a picnic on the beach. Left all alone in the house, the girl goes out to find them. People don’t seem to notice that she exists. Suddenly hearing mysterious whispers and songs, the girl walks toward the source into the forest. There she meets children of another being, whom she follows...

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Direction: Hyun Choel Park
Script: Hyun Cheol Park
Cinematography: Chan Hee Park
Music: Sung Hoon Yoon
Actors: Sun Ha Jung, Jong Tae Kim, Yeon Jung Kang, Bo Mi Jung, Hee Won Yang
Production: Korean Academy of Film Arts
Producer/Producers: Hyojin Park, Yun Jin Cho
Art Direction: Hyun Moo Shin
Format: VR
Color: Color
Production Country: South Korea
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 13΄
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