In a small town, a troupe of amateur actors rehearse the play The Life of Insects by Brothers Čapek, until they lose their grip on reality. The greatest living Czech director and pioneer of surrealistic animation draws on an emblematic allegory of life in Czechoslovakia after World War II and delivers a timeless, ingenious study on necessary misanthropy. In his own words, the director reminds us: “Let’s not forget the message of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.”
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Direction: Jan Švankmajer
Script: Jan Švankmajer (based on Karel Čapek & Josef Čapek's play)
Cinematography: Jan Ruzicka, Adam Olha
Editing: Jan Danhel
Sound: Ivo Spalj
Actors: Jaromir Dulava, Kamila Magalova, Ivana Uhlirova, Jan Budar, Jiri Labus, Norbert Lichy, Pavel Novy
Production: Athanor, Film Production Company, Ltd
Producer/Producers: Jaromir Kallista, Jan Svankmajer
Co-production: PubRes Ltd, Lubica Orechovska Ceska Televize
Co-producer/Co-producers: Zuzana Mistrikova
Art Direction: Jan Švankmajer
Costumes: Veronika Hruba
Make Up: Tereza Pracharova
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 98΄
World Sales: Athanor,

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