Between Two Waters

Entre Dos Aguas

Twelve years have passed since The Legend of Time, Isaki Lacuesta’s film which has introduced us to two Roma brothers: Isra and Cheíto meet after many years in their hometown of San Fernando, the Andalusian city with the highest unemployment rate in Spain. Isra has just been released from prison, while Cheíto returns from a long mission with the Marines. The siblings’ reunion brings back memories of their past... A documentary-like portrait of two souls that linger between diametrically opposite states in a deeply torn society that sinks down into dark waters.
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Direction: Isaki Lacuesta
Script: Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo, Fran Araújo
Cinematography: Diego Dussuel
Editing: Sergi Dies
Sound: Amanda Villavieja
Music: Raül Refree, Kiko Veneno
Actors: Israel Gómez Romero, Francisco José Gómez Romero
Production: La Termita Films, Bteam Prods, All Go Movies, Mallerich Films, Bord Cadre Films, SC Studio Indie Srl
Producer/Producers: Isa Campo, Alex Lafuente, Álvaro Alonso, Paco Poch, Dan Wechsler, Rodrigo Ruiz Tarazona
Art Direction: David Jiménez Díaz
Camera: Patricia Torres, Thaïs Rodríguez
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Spain
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 136΄
Contact: Filmax,
Awards/Distinctions: Golden Seashell – San Sebastián IFF 2018