From Tomorrow on, I Will

Chun nuan hua kai

Li is a migrant who came to Beijing from rural areas in search of a better life and has just found work as a night watchman in an immense, almost intimidating, office complex. Li’s Beijing is not a teeming, hi-tech metropolis, but rather a human wasteland surrounded by garbage and tattered sheds. Li goes about his life in a deadpan manner, meticulous in completing insignificant and unsolicited tasks that obviously go by unnoticed. A blend of bluntness and lyricism, enhanced by grandiose static shots, natural sounds and non-professional actors, which renders its distorted reality into a tangible truth.

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Direction: Ivan Marković, Wu Linfeng
Co-direction: Ivan Marković, Wu Linfeng
Script: Ivan Marković, Tanja Šljivar, Wu Linfeng
Cinematography: Ivan Marković
Editing: Ivan Marković, Wu Linfeng, Gang Hengju
Sound: Zeng Chaopeng
Actors: Li Chuan, Wei Ruguang, A Long, Gu Yueqing, Wang Luying
Producer/Producers: Ivan Marković, Wu Linfeng, Fang Li
Costumes: Gui Zhou
Sets: Gui Zhou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Germany, China, Serbia
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 57´
Contact: Rediance,
Awards/Distinctions: Grand Prize (International Competition) – Jeonju FF 2019