63rd TIFF: Greek Premiere

What if David Bowie’s Space Oddity could be listened to back in 1941? That’s just one of many questions raised by LOLA, a film true to science fiction's key preoccupation with technology, its promises of infinite prosperity, and its destructive consequences. With striking black-and-white imagery and 16mm shots that feel all-too authentic, the film delves into an alternative timeline where sisters Thom and Mars invent a machine that can intercept radio and TV broadcasts from the future. When World War II breaks out, ethics clash with responsibility as the sisters must now decide how to use their knowledge – known to be the ultimate form of power.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Direction: Andrew Legge
Script: Andrew Legge, Angeli Macfarlane, Henrietta Ashworth, Jessica Ashworth
Cinematography: Oona Menges
Editing: Colin Campbell
Sound: Simon H. Jones
Music: Neil Hannon
Actors: Stefanie Martini, Emma Appleton, Rory Fleck Byrne, Aaron Monaghan
Production: Cowtown Pictures
Producers: Alan Maher, John Wallace
Co-production: ie ie productions
Co-producers: Alice Lusher, Catryn Ramasut
Costumes: Lara Campbell
Production Design: Ferdia Murphy
Executive producer: Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Stephen Kelliher, Sophie Green, Dearbhla Regan, Bizzy Day, Andrew Legge, Danielle Ryan
Make Up: Edwina Kelly
Format: DCP
Color: B/W
Production Country: Ireland, United Kingdom
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 80΄
Contact: Bankside Films

Andrew Legge

Irish filmmaker Andrew Legge loves playing with film form and music as part of the storytelling process. He has made a series of award-winning short films. The Unusual Inventions of Henry Cavendish, a silent love story, was partly shot on a hand-wound 16mm camera and screened in Dublin, New York, and the Barbican in London with live accompaniment from a pianist. The Girl With the Mechanical Maiden was screened with a twenty-five-piece orchestra and team of Foley artists dressed in lab coats at the National Concert Hall in Dublin and the Lincoln Center in New York.


2001 1902 (short)
2005 The Unusual Inventions of Henry Cavendish (short)
2009 The Chronoscope (short)
2012 A Kingdom Once Again (short)
2022 Lola