Dounia and The Princess of Aleppo

Dounia et La Princesse D'Alep

A few nigella seeds tucked in the palm of her hand, six-year-old Dounia leaves Aleppo with the Princess of Aleppo’s help and travels towards a new world. A heart-warming animation centered around a little girl bursting with confidence, in herself and in life; an ode to the power of optimism against all odds and hardships.

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Direction: Marya Zarif, André Kadi
Script: Marya Zarif
Sound: Pierre Yves Drapeau
Music: Pierre Yves Drapeau
Actors: Rachaf Ataya, Elsa Mardorissian, Manuel Tadros, Raïa Haidar, Marya Zarif, Naïm Jeanbart, Mustapha Aramis, Houssam Ataya, Irlande Côté
Production: Tobo Media, Haut et Court
Producers: Judith Beauregard
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Canada
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 72΄
Contact: Be For Films


Marya Zarif

A multidisciplinary artist, Marya has developed expert skills in multiplatform design, screenplay writing, and direction, and boasts fifteen years of experience in content aimed at young audiences. She studied communications and drama writing and holds a degree from L’INIS (National Institute of Image and Sound). Born in Syria, Marya grew up in Aleppo. In 2020, she created, wrote and co-directed her first animated web series for the young, Dounia. Dounia and The Princess of Aleppo is her first feature film.


2022 Dounia and The Princess of Aleppo

André Kadi

André, who arrived in Canada in 2007 as a graphic novel author and a musician, joined Frima animation studios, where he stayed for over 11 years. At the head of the artistic department, he founded a branch of the studio in Bordeaux, and opened a 2D animation studio in 2012. Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo is his first feature film.


2022 Dounia and The Princess of Aleppo