63rd TIFF: Greek Premiere

One of the most dramatic cases that shook the public life of Chile and held the nation in suspense for nine months, inspires a powerful melodrama demonstrating the way popular media affected the outcome of a violent story involving the children of powerful people. Blanca, an 18-year-old foster home resident, is the key witness in a scandal involving kids, politicians, and rich men taking part in sex parties. Yet, the more questions are asked, the less clear it becomes what Blanca’s role in the scandal exactly is. A story about the double life of a girl whose lack of opportunities and constant letdown by the very institutions which promised to protect her, pushed her to the limits. An inquiry about personal truth, deception, ethics, and the interpretation of truth.

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Direction: Fernando Guzzoni
Script: Fernando Guzzoni
Cinematography: Benjamín Echazarreta
Editing: Jarosław Kamiński, Soledad Salfate
Sound: José Miguel Enríquez Rivaud, Federico González Jordán
Music: Chloé Thevenin
Actors: Laura López, Alejandro Goic, Amparo Noguera, Marcelo Alonso, Daniela Ramírez, Ariel Grandón
Production: Quijote Films
Producers: Giancarlo Nasi
Co-production: Varios Lobos, Tarantula, Bonne Pioche Cinema, Madants
Co-producers: Pablo Zimbrón, Donato Rotunno, Pascal Guerrin, Yves Darondeau, Emmanuel Priou, Beata Rzeźniczek
Costumes: Francisca Román
Production Design: Estefania Larraín, Angela Leyton
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Chile, Mexico, Luxembourg, France, Poland
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 99΄
Contact: New Europe Film Sales
Awards/Distinctions: Venice Horizons Award for Best Screenplay – Venice FF 2022

Fernando Guzzoni

In 2008 he premiered his first documentary feature film La Colorina in the official competition of the Des Films Du Monde festival in Montreal, Canada. The movie participated in more than 20 international film festivals such as BAFICI, Monterrey, Cartagena de Indias, and Docúpolis, among others. The film was awarded the Best Director Award at SANFIC, and Best Film at the Trieste Film Festival, Italy. His first feature film Carne de Perro was written at the Residence of the Cannes Film Festival 2010–2011. The film premiered at the 2012 San Sebastian International Festival where it won the “New Directors” award for the best movie. Fernando Guzzoni toured more than 25 international festivals obtaining different recognitions: the Ingmar Bergman Award at the Gothenburg Film Festival, the Moviecity Award at the Valdivia Film Festival, the Oc Rail Award at the Toulouse Film Festival, etc.


2008 La Colorina (doc)
2012 Carne de Perro
2016 Jesús
2022 Blanquita