Bread and Salt

Chleb i sól

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere

Set in a small provincial town in one of Europe’s most xenophobic countries, drawing inspiration from a real-life incident of racist violence and inviting non-professional actors to contribute their (furious or subtler) drive on screen, the latest film of an already recognizable new voice of Polish cinema starts on a low-key note and reaches a dramatic climax like an elaborate symphonic work. As we follow a young talented pianist who managed to escape to the big city and listen to his calling, we plunge into a place where time has frozen and frustration has grown roots, and end up in a kebab place run by some Arab immigrants and frequented by some hot-headed locals. Reminiscent of the cinema of Gus van Sant (without the grooming aesthetics), Larry Clark (saving the obsession with nudity and teenage hormones), or even Spike Lee (without the funkiness of his “joints”), this chilling portrait of modern Western society reminds that the serpent’s egg can not only be hatched but also cooked and served in the most unexpected corners of everyday life.

Screening Schedule

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Direction: Damian Kocur
Script: Damian Kocur
Cinematography: Tomasz Woźniczka
Editing: Alan Zejer
Sound: Katarzyna Białas, Łukasz Kaczmarski
Actors: Tymoteusz Bies, Jacek Bies, Dawid Piejko, Nikola Raczko, Nadim Suleiman, Nadeem Shalave
Production: Munk Studio – Polish Filmmakers Association
Producers: Jacek Bromski, Ewa Jastrzębska, Jerzy Kapuściński
Co-production: Canal+ Poland, Silesia Film Fund, KIVI Sp. z o.o., King House Michał Sadowski, EXA Studio
Costumes: Zuzanna Kot
Production Design: Ewa Mroczkowska
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Poland
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 100'
Contact: IKH Pictures Promotion
Awards/Distinctions: Venice Horizons Award Special Jury Prize – Venice Film Festival 2022, Youth Jury Award for Best Film – Gijón IFF 2022, Journalists’ Award for Best Film & Don Kichot – Award of the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs for Best Film – Polish FF 2022. FIPRESCI Jury Award – Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema 2022, Crossing Europe Award for Best Film – Crossing Europe Filmfestival 2023

Damian Kocur

Director and cinematographer. He graduated from the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice, is a PhD candidate at the Lodz Film School, and authored internationally acclaimed short features. His latest film Beyond Is the Day received the Best Short Film Award at Trieste IFF and Tehran IFF, as well as the Best European Film Award at the Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. It also qualified for the EFA nomination and was part of the New Directors/New Films program at MoMA in New York in 2021. As a filmmaker, he pays close attention to the believability of onscreen emotions. His main goal is to show authentic stories and characters.


2013 Lekcja (short)
2014 21 Days (short)
2015 What I Want (short)
2016 The Return (short)
2018 Nothing New Under the Sun (short)
2020 Beyond Is the Day (short)
2022 Bread and Salt