64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
A disgraced journalist finds shelter in her parents’ luxurious home and turns to clickbait investigative podcasting in a helpless effort to rebuild her career. But her rush to generate headlines soon uncovers a strange artifact, an alien conspiracy, and the lies at the heart of her own story. A bold science fiction thriller featuring one woman, one location, and a mystery uncovered through audio, immerses the viewer in a pitch-black rabbit hole of 'reality,’ challenging them to reconsider truth as an immutable fact in a world so easily manipulated. As he blends science fiction and thriller in a gripping feature debut, and builds dramatic tension from the purest materials, presenting a different view on confinement in our post-pandemic era, the filmmaker reminds us that “truth is no longer the great monolith that underpins the world – power is.”
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Direction: Matt Vesely
Script: Lucy Campbell
Cinematography: Michael Tessari
Editing: Tania M Nehme
Sound: Leigh Kenyon
Music: Benjamin Speed
Actors: Lily Sullivan
Production: Black Cat White Rabbit Productions, The South Australian Film Corporation, Adelaide Film Festival
Producers: Bettina Hamilton
Costumes: Renate Henschke
Production Design: Jonah Booth-Remmers
Make Up: Karen Gower
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Australia
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 94'
Contact: Blue Finch Film Releasing

Matt Vesely

Matt Vesely is a South Australian writer and director. Often combining his love of science fiction with a sincere view of human relationships, Matt has directed a number of successful shorts and worked as a writer across TV & film. Matt’s latest short, the sci-fi comedy System Error, was selected for the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival and opened the 2021 St Kilda Film Festival. Matt works with award-winning collective Closer Productions. He was the story producer for Closer’s four-part drama for SBS, The Hunting, and a writer for hit ABC comedy series Aftertaste.


2015 My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling
2020 System Error (short)
2023 Monolith