Notes on a Summer

Notas Sobre un Verano

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
Marta’s life in Madrid balances between her academic career and her relationship with Leo. However, during her summer vacation at her family’s home, she will encounter her old flame again, and things will turn upside down. An incredible sentimental film that authentically conveys the feeling of summer carefreeness, the sweet irresponsibility of youth (which delights in delaying the transition to the world of steadfast responsibilities), and the feeling of not fully belonging to the world of adults just yet. Among other things, Notes on a Summer is also a bittersweet portrayal of how the principle of pleasure clashes with the principle of reality when we are called upon to mature. Subtly melancholic, sensually captivating, simple yet unpretentious, this cinematic summer will be unforgettable.
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Available at the Agora Market TIFF64.

Direction: Diego Llorente
Script: Diego Llorente
Cinematography: Adrián Hernández
Editing: Diego Llorente
Sound: José Luis Toral
Actors: Katia Borlado, Antonio Araque, Álvaro Quintana, Rocío Suárez
Production: Failo Cine, Báltico
Producers: Diego Llorente, Rubén G. Revilla
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Spain
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 83'
Contact: Patra Spanou Film

Diego Llorente

Diego Llorente has a major in French literature and he is the author of the books Habitación, Balas, and Traguluz. His work as a director includes the short films Casa (New Filmmaker’s prize at Gijón International Film Festival), Saturday, Agostu, and Carolina, Friday, August 18, 2017, NY. His feature films estos días and Entrialgo have been shown in many international festivals around the world.


2014 estos días
2017 agostu (short)
2017 Carolina, Friday, August 18, 2017, NY (short)
2018 Entrialgo
2023 Notes on a Summer