I Want to Smash the Greenhouse

Vreau să sparg sera

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
In the intersection of ecological science fiction and chamber drama, Sara is confronted by the first signs of a disease she inherited from her father, which, in its final stage, will turn their bodies into plants. Sara needs a major change. But before that, she has to try to get rid of the violent memories from her childhood, so she visits her bedridden father and tells him everything she couldn’t tell him until now.
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Available at the Agora Market TIFF64.

Direction: Teona Galgoțiu
Script: Teona Galgoțiu, Mircea Andrei Florea
Cinematography: Bogdan Marinescu
Editing: Alexandra Diaconu
Sound: Flora Pop
Music: Kadjavsi
Actors: Ioana Bugarin, Valentin Popescu, Ana Covalciuc, Vlad Galer, Diana Gheorghian, Anda Saltelechi
Production: UNATC
Producers: Ioana Bogdana, Andra Gheorghiu
Production Design: Ileana Zirra
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Romania
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 21'
Contact: UNATC
Awards/Distinctions: Best Short Film – Gopo Awards 2023

Teona Galgoțiu

Teona Galgoțiu (1998, Bucharest) is a filmmaker and writer. Among the festivals she has participated in are Sarajevo IFF, Oberhausen IFF, Ji.hlava IFF, Shanghai IFF and her texts have been published in anthologies and online publications such as Zona Nouă, Dragă Virginia, Subcapitol, Lighthouse Literary Journal. She has been part of the organizing team of the Super IFF since 2014, whose main focus is the education of teenagers through art, and is the founder of the Gura Mare platform, which explores poetry through interdisciplinary projects and for which she won the “Poetic Experiment” Award. In 2020, she debuted with the poetry volume I Look Back and It’s Gone at OMG Publishing (Iustin Panța Debut Award, ARCCA Poetry Book of the Year), and her latest theatre play I Can Only Fall Asleep if I Imagine It is Snowing will be staged at the National Theatre in Sibiu and at the Theatre of Essen. In 2023, she won ”Best Short” at the Gopo National Awards with her latest short film, I Want to Smash the Greenhouse.


2017 Portrait Dialogue (short)
2018 Brief Conversation about the d Word (short)
2020 Elephant Far Away (short)
2021 Hidden Places (short)
2022 I Want to Smash the Greenhouse (short)