Cat Funeral

Pisică moartă

64th TIFF: World Premiere
The tragic event of Robert’s cat dying is quickly perceived by Ioana as an opportunity to forge a deeper connection with her friend. The burial turns odd when they are joined by his new girlfriend. An unannounced encounter between the human, the non-human, and the dense layers of feelings that are stratified in-between.
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Direction: Ana-Maria Comănescu
Script: Ana-Maria Comănescu
Cinematography: Tudor Mircea
Editing: Tudor D. Popescu
Sound: Florin Tăbăcaru
Music: Ana-Bianca Tudorică
Actors: Dana Marineci, Robi Urs, Cristiana Luca
Production: Castalia Pictures
Producers: Laura Mușat
Costumes: Adeline Andreea Bădescu
Production Design: Adeline Andreea Bădescu
Color: Color
Production Country: Romania
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 20'
Contact: Castalia Pictures

Ana-Maria Comănescu

Ana-Maria Comănescu is a Romanian screenwriter and director based in Bucharest. She made three short films during her studies at UNATC Bucharest, all screened and awarded in various European student film festivals. After graduation, she worked as an assistant director and freelance director for various audiovisual projects. While writing and developing her debut feature project, Horia, she participated in multiple film workshops and pitching markets, such as Sarajevo Talents in 2017 and MIDPOINT Feature Launch in 2019. In 2022 she shot Cat Funeral, an independently funded short film, and Horia, a co-production between Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, fresh out of post-production, and she is currently eager to see those two projects emerging on the cinema screen. Also, in 2022 she has started her PhD. in Cinema and tutors in UNATC as assistant to the professors of Directing.


2014 In the House (short)
2015 Second Look (short)
2016 Sex, Pipe and Omelette (short)
2023 Cat Funeral (short)