Memories of a Sunday

Το χρονικό μιας Κυριακής

Six stories threaded with the same melancholy Sunday mood and a sense that the era of decency and hope is no more. The characters of this kaleidoscopic film include a coachman hopelessly seeking a fare, an elderly couple wandering through a park, a man laying flowers in memory of his dead friend, and a woman waiting endlessly for a letter to come. With Memories of a Sunday – his first film after the fall of the Greek military dictatorship, made amid the ferment of a political cinema scene – Kanellopoulos proves himself an unconventional filmmaker who stays unwaveringly true to his singular vision, presenting as he does a lyrical film focused on minor defeats, modest dreams, and the muffled miseries of daily life. Stripped of all dialogue, with only the voice of a narrator on hand to speak of the leads’ suffering, and with music by Eleni Karaindrou adorning the exquisitely framed shots, this film stands tall in the director’s oeuvre.
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Direction: Takis Kanellopoulos
Script: Takis Kanellopoulos
Cinematography: Yorgos Christoforidis
Music: Eleni Karaindrou
Actors: Thanasis Tzeneralis, Popi Alva, Yorgos Fourniadis, Lina Lambraki, Nikos Vrettos
Production: Greek Film Center
Producers: Yorgos Kanellopoulos
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1975
Duration: 72'
Contact: Yorgos Kanellopoulos,

Takis Kanellopoulos

Takis Kanellopoulos was born in Thessaloniki in 1933 and died in 1990 of a heart attack. He was one of the first Greek directors to make films in Thessaloniki. He was honoured at the 7th Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1966, on the occasion of his film Excursion, for his contribution to raising the quality standards of the Festival. At the 1968 Thessaloniki Festival, Interlude won the Greek Film Critics Association Award for Best Director, while the same film was awarded Best Art Film of the Year, jointly with Vassilis Georgiadis’s Girls in the Sun. Kanellopoulos’s filmography consists of three shorts and seven feature films.


1960 Macedonian Wedding (short doc)
1961 Thassos (short doc)
1962 Glory Sky
1966 Excursion
1968 Interlude
1969 Kastoria (short doc)
1972 The Last Spring
1975 Memories of a Sunday
1978 Romantic Note
1980 Sonia