The Lost Children

Les Enfants Perdus

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere

What does a child fear the most? Is it the fear of abandonment by the “grown-ups” who care for them, or the daunting transition into adulthood, fraught with relentless anxiety about the future? A gothic fairy tale for the 21st century teaches us how to conquer monsters by staring them straight in the eye, rather than fleeing from them. It guides us through an endless forest, and into the fertile chambers of the mind where trauma lurks. Our companions on this adventure become four children – among them the director’s daughter, in a bold gesture of self-reference. By weaving together the story of Peter Pan with elements from the works of filmmakers Michel Gondry, Terrence Malick, and Jonathan Glazer (as stated by the filmmaker herself), the film masterfully captures the nightmare of coming-of-age at its genesis.

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Direction: Michèle Jacob
Script: Michèle Jacob
Cinematography: Nastasja Saerens
Editing: Christophe Evrard
Sound: Luis Trinques, Lise Bouchez, Jeff Levillain, Sébastian Van dhelsen
Music: Andrea Moulin
Actors: Iris Mirzabekiantz, Liocha Mirzabekiantz, Louis Litt Magis, Lohen Van Houtte
Production: Velvet Films
Producers: Sebastian Schelenz
Production Design: Catherine Cosme, Michèle Jacob
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Belgium
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 81'
Contact: Velvet Films

Michèle Jacob

Belgian filmmaker, born in 1981. She graduated in film directing from IAD (Institut des Arts de Diffusion), then spent ten years writing and directing video clips, commercials, web content, and cartoons. Her short July 96 traveled to world festivals such as Palm Springs, Lublin, Moscow, etc. She is also the showrunner of a drama series of 8x52' (Arcanes) for the Belgian broadcaster RTBF, which she will direct as of August 2023.


2020 July 96
2023 Lost Children