Through the Night

Quitter la nuit

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
During her shift at the Emergency Services call center, a police officer receives a call from a woman trying to tell her that she is inside a car, and her life is in danger. The subsequent procedures, including institutional interventions, family inquiries, and existential rituals, craft a shocking yet subtly portrayed drama that delves into the definition and the (non-negotiable) boundaries of consent. By deliberately undermining every certainty and testing our faith in the restoration of truth, newcomer Delphine Girard’s fearless film decisively deconstructs the good guy next door, step by step. Simultaneously, it crafts two female characters with profound depth and builds an intricate narrative full of contrasting forces and unexpected reflections. A production by the highly acclaimed director Lukas Dhont, which received the People’s Choice Award at the latest edition of the Giornate degli Autori section at the Venice Film Festival.
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Direction: Delphine Girard
Script: Delphine Girard
Cinematography: Juliette Van Dormael
Editing: Damien Keyeux
Sound: Marie-Pierre Grenier, Pablo Villegas
Actors: Selma Alaoui, Guillaume Duhesme, Veerle Baetens, Anne Dorval, Adèle Wismes
Production: Versus Production
Producers: Jacques-Henri Bronckart
Co-production: Colonelle Films, Haut et Court, The Reunion
Co-producers: Sarah Mannering, Fanny Drew, Carole Scotta, Barbara Letellier, Michiel Dhont, Lukas Dhont
Costumes: Oriol Nogues
Production Design: Eve Martin
Make Up: Saori Matsui
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Belgium, France
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 109'
Contact: Playtime
Awards/Distinctions: People’s Choice Award for Best Film (Giornate degli Autori)– Venice IFF 2023

Delphine Girard

Born in the heart of the Quebec winter, Delphine Girard moved to Belgium a few years later. She studied directing at INSAS in Brussels and her graduation film Monstre traveled the world. After graduating, she worked on several shoots as a children's coach and casting director, while also writing and directing the short film Caverne, adapted from a short story by American author Holly Goddard Jones. She then directed A Sister, nominated in 2020 for the Oscar for Best Short Fiction. Delphine continued the reflection begun with A Sister in her first feature film, Through the Night. She is currently working on several fiction projects.


2014 Monstre (short)
2017 Caverne (short)
2020 A Sister (short)
2023 Through the Night