My Morning Laughter

Moj jutarnji smeh

An irresistable belated coming-of-age comedy becomes the collective portrait of an entire generation. Dejan is still a virgin, even though he is almost thirty. He tries to repress the turmoil he feels, which is caused by living under the same roof with his drunken father and overprotective mother, to see if he can actually go beyond just friendship with Kaća, a nice girl he works with. After the local psychic humiliates him during the séance, Dejan realizes he has nothing to lose. Empowered by this realization, he attempts to make his life at least bearable.
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Direction: Marko Đorđević
Script: Marko Đorđević
Cinematography: Stefan Milosavljević
Editing: Marko Đorđević
Sound: Stevan Milošević
Music: Dino Merlin
Actors: Filip Đurić, Jasna Đuričić, Ivana Vuković, Nebojša Glogovac, Bratislav Slavković, Bratislav Slavković, Ema Muratović
Production: Altertise
Producers: Miloš Pušić
Co-production: Cinnerent
Co-producers: Ιvica Vidanović
Costumes: Lila Vuković
Production Design: Lila Vuković
Executive producer: Stefan Jevđenijević
Sets: Marija Kojić
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Serbia
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 94'
Contact: Miloš Pušić
Awards/Distinctions: Grand Prix – Belgrade Festival of Auteur Film 2019, Scythian Deer – Molodist Kyiv IFF 2020

Marko Đorđević

Marko Đorđević was born in 1988 in Kragujevac, central Serbia. He made several short films while studying at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, the best of which was The Other Shore, which won the award for the best Serbian film in ’’Up to 10,000 Bucks’’ category at Cinema City festival. From then on, he took his time to really hone his craft. After five years of constant struggle, numerous rewrites of the script, and a lot of scrapped test footage, he and the actors that were involved in the writing from the beginning, felt ready to make his directorial debut.


2012 The Other Shore (short)
2019 My Morning Laughter