If I Had Four Camels

Si j'avais quatre dromadaires

A narration of experiences accompanied by some of the countless still images Chris Marker captured through his photo camera, while travelling to 26 countries. A few years following the futuristic short film La Jetée, Marker once again took a stab at inserting still images, this time on the occasion of a documentary, as part of his experimentation on the genre’s form. The outcome went far beyond the definition of a travel diary, as Marker’s narration and the miscellaneous images (from Mount Athos all the way to China) become the components of a tight montage that conjoins smaller stories for the sake of the bigger picture – an analysis of the social political and cultural contrasts that become evident in the eyes of the visitor, while joining the dots of our small planetary village.
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Direction: Chris Marker
Cinematography: Chris Marker
Editing: Chris Marker
Sound: Antoine Bonfanti
Music: Lalan, Trio Barney Wilson
Production: Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Apec, Slon
Narration: Pierre Vaneck, Nicolas Yumatov, Catherine Le Couey
Format: Digital File
Color: B&W
Production Country: France, West Germany
Production Year: 1966
Duration: 49'
Contact: Iskra

Chris Marker


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