My Grandfather Papaflessas


24th TDF: World Premiere

A tender look at the hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Papaflessas traveled to Constantinople in the age of Enlightenment and romanticism, and became a member of the revolutionary organization “Filiki Eteria” (Society of Friends), taking on the task of inciting his compatriots against the Ottoman Empire. What sets the heroes apart? Do they have mitigating factors?

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Available at the Agora Market.

Direction: Kleoni Flessa
Script: Kleoni Flessa
Cinematography: Katerina Marangoudaki
Editing: Bonita Papastathi
Sound: Yorgos Potagas
Music: Arion Gyftakis
Production: Kalamata Creative Documentary Center
Producers: Gina Petropoulou
Co-production: Peloponnese Region
Narration: Panagiotis Exarcheas, Kleoni Flessa
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 70΄
Distribution in Greece: Kalamata Creative Documentary Center (Gina Petropoulou,
Contact: Kalamata Creative Documentary Center (Gina Petropoulou,

Animation: Babis Alexiadis

Kleoni Flessa


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