Milan Kundera – From The Joke to Insignificance

Milan Kundera – From The Joke to Insignificance

24th TDF: International Premiere

Milan Kundera is shrouded in mystery. He has not given an interview in 30 years and doesn’t appear in public, so we must learn about him from his work. His essays and philosophical discussions within his novels reveal a lot. What in Kundera's work got him the status of a legendary author?

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Direction: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Script: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Cinematography: Miroslav Souček
Editing: Jakub Vansa
Sound: Stepan Mamula
Music: Petr Malásek
Actors: Yasmina Reza, B.H.Lévy, Jean-Claude Carrière, Jean-Paul Enthoven, Alain Finkielkraut, Lakis Proguidis, Antoine Gallimard
Production: Bio Illusion s.r.o.
Producers: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Co-producers: Jirina Budikova, Stepan Mamula
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Czech Republic
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 95΄
Contact: Wide

Miloslav Šmídmajer


1990 Hold That Dram Tight... (TV)
1996 Profession: Cinematographer
2009 It Is Hell with the Princess (fiction)
2012 I Wake Up Yesterday (fiction)
2013 Nazareth Until We Drop
2021 Jan Werich: If Somebody Already Is
2021 Milan Kundera – From The Joke to Insignificance