Kisses to the Children

Φιλιά εις τα παιδιά

Five Greek-Jewish children who were saved by brave Christian families during the German Occupation, five hidden children who lived in total silence, finally tell their stories. Stories of terror and anguish, but also stories of salvation and carefree childhood in the arms of “strangers” –  which became nests of love, away from the horror of the Holocaust. Five children who were forced to mature abruptly. The movie follows these persons from childhood to the old age, revealing their hidden stories and invaluable personal documents – a diary of a child, photographs, home movies, etc. It also depicts the life of the Greek Jewish Communities before the War, complemented with rare images of Occupied Greece from archival material, as well as amateur films by German soldiers and once-illegal footage shot by Greek patriots. A film about childhood in the shadow of the Holocaust.

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Direction: Vassilis Loules
Script: Vassilis Loules
Cinematography: Dimitris Kordelas
Editing: Vassilis Loules, Chronis Theocharis, Yannis Katsamboulas
Music: Nikos Kypourgos
Production: Massive Productions, Vassilis Loules, Greek Film Centre, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT)
Producers: Vangelis Fampas, Vassilis Loules
Format: HD
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2012
Duration: 114'
Contact: Vassilis Loules (
Awards/Distinctions: Audience Award – Greek FF Chicago 2012, Best Feature Length Documentary Award of the International Jury, Best Feature Length Documentary Award of the Children’s Jury – Olympia IFF for Children and Young People 2011, Best Direction Award of the Jury, Award of the Public– “Agon” International Meeting of Archaeological Film 2012, Best Direction, 2nd Best Documentary, Best Music – Chalkida Greek Documentary Festival 2011

Age 13+

Vassilis Loules


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