METAXA Listening to Time

ΜΕΤΑΧΑ ακούγοντας το χρόνο

Living with cancer. Α devastating experience of self-knowledge. A future no longer entirely your own. Α solitary place between life and death. Gaze sharp and senses attuned, the cancer sufferer moves between inwardness, self awareness, acute sensitivity and paranoia” (Ioanna Karystiani, author).
The documentary focuses on the doctors and staff of the Metaxas Cancer Hospital, who themselves have cancer. It observes this special group of patients as they continue to work at the hospital. It traces their journey from the shock of learning they have cancer to the experience of “learning to listen to time.” Along the way, their illness will change from a threat of death to a teacher of life, adding years to their lives but also adding Life to their years.
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Direction: Stavros Psillakis
Script: Stavros Psillakis (based on an idea by Nikos Karvounis)
Cinematography: Kostas Palmas
Editing: Spiros Kokkas
Music: Vangelis Fampas
Producers: Stavros Psillakis
Co-production: Greek Film Centre, ERT SA
Format: DCP
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2012
Duration: 87'
Contact: Stavros Psillakis (
Awards/Distinctions: 2nd Prize for a Feature Film – 6th Hellenic Documentary Film Festival of Chalkida 2012

Stavros Psillakis

Stavros Psillakis was born in Chania, Crete, in 1954. He is a director and producer of anthropological documentaries that usually focus on borderline situations of human existence. He first studied Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and then Film Directing at the Hantzikou Film School (Athens). He received a scholarship from the French state to study Anthropological Documentary Filmmaking at the VARAN School in Paris. He was honored with many awards, such as the 1st Documentary Film Award of the Hellenic Film Academy in 2010 for the documentary There Was No Other Way. He is a founding member of the Hellenic Film Academy and the Hellenic Documentary Association, and he has worked on films by Lakis Papastathis, Dimos Theou, and Stavros Tornes. His rich filmography counting more than 40 films, includes the documentaries The Man Who Disturbed the Universe, METAXA listening to Time, Olympia, Short Gypsy Stories, The Light Inside, as well as the trilogy FOR NO REASONS meetings with Yorgos Maniatis, Debt, and FAREWELL The Memory of the Land.


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2013 Dilemma (TV)
2014 Short Gypsy Stories
2015 Olympia (short)
2015 The Light Inside
2019 FOR NO REASONS Meetings with Yorgos Maniatis
2020 My Photograph (short)
2021 Debt
2022 FAREWELL The Memory of the Land