Human Condition

Events, thoughts, actions, ideas, emotions, efforts, achievements, failures and triumphs, looks and (visible and invisible) touches, our inner and outer locus in a film series about the geography of our very nature.

  • A Life
    Μία ζωή Dimitris Giotis 2018, Greece
    “I wonder, did I live well or did I waste the amount of time given to me?” Important people, standing on the cusp of their life, bestow their precious essence ...

  • Akra
    Άκρα Dimitra Babadima 2018, Greece
    A man falls into the sea to swim 140 kilometers. His dream is to put Kastellorizo, the easternmost island of Europe, back on the Greek map. This journey will teach ...

  • As Far as the Sea
    Μέχρι τη θάλασσα Marco Gastine 2019, Greece
    In the rehabilitation unit of an Athenian trauma hospital, victims of serious accidents struggle to walk again… or at least return to an autonomous existence. Divided between hope and acceptance, ...

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep Ed Perkins 2017, UK
    After the racist killing of 10-year-old schoolboy Damilola Taylor in November 2000, everything changes for a neighbor boy the same age and skin color as Taylor. Fearing for the boy’s ...

  • Blood Kin
    Blood Kin Ramin Bahrani 2018, USA
    In 2009, Red Oak’s community in Texas is in a state of shock due to a patricide incident. Austin Eversole, age 15 at the time, who had suffered a long ...

  • Caisa
    Caisă Alexandru Mavrodineanu 2018, Romania
    A touching story about a teenage Roma boxer and a veteran boxing coach that serves as an allegory for the social pathologies in contemporary Romania. The documentary follows unobtrusively the ...

  • California Dreaming
    California Dreaming Fabrizio Maltese 2018, Luxembourg
    In the collective psyche of Americans, California has always served as the land of blissful dreaming and easy living; the state of Hollywood movie stars, surfers and sunshine. The truth ...

  • Chinese Portrait
    Chinese Portrait Wang Xiaoshuai 2018, Hong Kong
    Passengers on public transportation, tourists on the beach, students, factory and construction workers. One of the greatest auteurs of contemporary Chinese cinema creates a series of portraits that bring everyday ...

  • Climbing Out
    Corpo a Corpo Francesco Corona 2018, Italy
    In September 2005, Pablo Scaroni, a bull -breeder, rock-climbing champion and Brescia Calcio supporter, fell victim of police brutality while attending a football match. As a result, he remained in ...

  • Easy Lessons
    Könnyű leckék Dorottya Zurbó 2018, Hungary
    After her mother helped her escape a nightmarish child marriage in Somalia, Kafia fled to Europe, Budapest. At first, the teenage girl seems to have adapted to her new and ...

  • Exarcheia, The Chanting Of Birds
    Exarcheia, Le chant des oiseaux Nadine Gomez 2018, Canada
    The Exarcheia district in Athens is thought to be the cradle of youth uprising in Greek modern history, from the one against the military dictatorship in 1973 to the riots ...

  • Free Solo
    Free Solo Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin 2018, USA
    El Capitan is a granite monolith in Yosemite National Park, California USA. The vertical rock formation, about 3,000 ft from base to summit along its tallest face, is a popular ...

  • Introduzione all’oscuro
    Introduzione all’oscuro Gastón Solnicki 2018, Argentina, Austria
    A dream-like, mystical wandering of a man on the streets of Vienna, guided by the memory of a friend who has recently passed away. The vestiges of a once sumptuous ...

  • Irving Park
    Irving Park Panayotis Evangelidis 2019, Greece
    Irving Park is the story of four gay men in their 60s who live together in Chicago, exploring an unconventional lifestyle of master/slave relationships. A family based on free choice ...

  • Jamilia
    Djamilia Aminatou Echard 2018, France, Kyrgyzstan
    Several women who live in the vast mainland of Kyrgyzstan and their stories compose the portrait of contemporary Kyrgyz society, whilst talking about Djamilia, the title character of Chingiz Aitmatov’s ...

  • Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life
    Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life Tomer Heymann 2018, Israel, Germany
    Jonathan Agassi, one of the most successful gay stars of the porn industry, embodies countless repressed fantasies that have not found the way to surpass boundaries set by taboos. An ...

  • Lapu
    Lapü Juan Pablo Polanco, César Alejandro Jaimes 2019, Colombia
    A young Wayuu woman exhumes her cousin’s remains buried in Colombia's La Guajira Desert, in order to meet her for the last time before letting go. A documentary that dives ...

  • Life on Board
    Vida a Bordo Emiliano Mazza De Luca 2018, Uruguay
    Get ready to board the cargo ship “Explorador” for a journey in man’s labor, loneliness, silence and absence, a journey towards introspection. Putting his faith into sensory imagery and rich ...

  • M
    M Yolande Zauberman 2018, France
    Bnei Brak, a city near Tel Aviv, world capital of Ultra-Orthodox Jews. A land of prayer, steadfast commitment to Jewish Law and tradition, cut off from modern life. A land ...

  • Maiden
    Maiden Alex Holmes 2018, UK
    In 1989, the time had come for the first ever all-female crew to enter the “Whitbread Round the World Race” (renamed now to “Volvo Ocean Race”). The terrors awaiting these ...

  • Man Made
    Man Made T Cooper 2018, United States of America
    Four trans men, born and raised female like the film director, who are gearing up to step on stage at Trans FitCon, the only all-transgender bodybuilding competition in the world, ...

  • My Father Is My Mother’s Brother
    Tato – Mamyn Brat Vadym Ilkov 2018, Ukraine
    Tolik, an artist in the Ukrainian underground scene, is raising his sister’s daughter who has taken to calling him Dad, since her mother suffers from mental health problems. A documentary ...

  • Reconstructing Utøya
    Rekonstruktion Utøya Carl Javér 2018, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
    In July 2011, neo-Nazi Anders Breivik shot dead 69 young people and wounded over a hundred in 72 minutes, all participants in the Workers’ Youth League summer camp on the ...

  • Sensless Me
    Το άλογο που είμαι Menios Karayannis 2019, Greece
    What is madness, what is it that defines a mad person, and what do the mad truly experience? Might we all have a little of the irrational within us? In ...

  • Sheep Hero
    Schapenheld Ton van Zantvoort 2018, The Netherlands
    A traditional shepherd in the Netherlands is forced to give in to new ways, which clash with his romantic worldview and his modus vivendi. Unfortunately, he finds himself at a ...

  • The Fig House
    The Fig House Pitzi Kampouroglou 2018, Greece
    Ten persons of different nationalities, refugees and activists (plus a cat), are living for seven months in a squat in Thessaloniki while trying to reach Germany through the Balkan Route.

  • The Magic Life of V
    The Magic Life of V Tonislav Hristov 2019, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria
    A young woman is trying to overcome her childhood traumas and stand on her own two feet. At the same time, she does everything she can to help her mentally ...

  • Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie
    Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie Andrea Nevins 2018, USA
    In her almost 60 years, world famous Barbie doll has become a fashion icon, a pop culture reference and a target for feminists. This funny and revealing documentary, featuring newly ...

01 March 2019
20:00 Man Made | Man Made JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 056
02 March 2019
13:30 Life on Board | Vida a Bordo PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 123
20:30 The Magic Life of V | The Magic Life of V STAVROS TORNES ID: 166
23:00 Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life | Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life OLYMPION ID: 117
23:00 Jamilia | Djamilia STAVROS TORNES ID: 167
03 March 2019
19:30 California Dreaming | California Dreaming TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 236
20:30 Free Solo | Free Solo OLYMPION ID: 216
22:30 Black Sheep | Black Sheep FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 247
22:30 Blood Kin | Blood Kin FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 247
22:45 M | M STAVROS TORNES ID: 267
04 March 2019
13:30 The Magic Life of V | The Magic Life of V STAVROS TORNES ID: 363
19:00 Jamilia | Djamilia CHRISTOS TSAKIRIS ID: ---
19:45 Akra | Άκρα JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 356
20:30 Life on Board | Vida a Bordo STAVROS TORNES ID: 366
20:45 Climbing Out | Corpo a Corpo FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 346
21:30 Reconstructing Utøya | Rekonstruktion Utøya SYKIES MUNICIPAL THEATER ID: ---
22:30 Irving Park | Irving Park JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 357
22:45 Introduzione all’oscuro | Introduzione all’oscuro FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 347
22:45 Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie | Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie STAVROS TORNES ID: 367
05 March 2019
13:00 Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie | Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie OLYMPION ID: 413
13:15 California Dreaming | California Dreaming FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 443
13:30 Climbing Out | Corpo a Corpo STAVROS TORNES ID: 463
20:00 Sensless Me | Το άλογο που είμαι JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 456
21:30 Akra | Άκρα CHRISTOS TSAKIRIS ID: ---
23:00 Man Made | Man Made STAVROS TORNES ID: 467
06 March 2019
15:00 Lapu | Lapü JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 554
15:45 Exarcheia, The Chanting Of Birds | Exarcheia, Le chant des oiseaux PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 524
17:30 Sheep Hero | Schapenheld TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 535
22:30 The Fig House | The Fig House JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 557
07 March 2019
13:00 Reconstructing Utøya | Rekonstruktion Utøya OLYMPION ID: 613
13:15 Sheep Hero | Schapenheld FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 643
15:45 Easy Lessons | Könnyű leckék JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 654
17:00 Exarcheia, The Chanting Of Birds | Exarcheia, Le chant des oiseaux TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 635
19:00 Sensless Me | Το άλογο που είμαι SYKIES MUNICIPAL THEATER ID: ---
20:00 A Life | Μία ζωή PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 626
21:30 The Fig House | The Fig House SYKIES MUNICIPAL THEATER ID: ---
22:15 My Father Is My Mother’s Brother | Tato – Mamyn Brat TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 637
22:45 Irving Park | Irving Park STAVROS TORNES ID: 667
08 March 2019
15:15 Caisa | Caisă STAVROS TORNES ID: 764
15:45 Chinese Portrait | Chinese Portrait OLYMPION ID: 714
09 March 2019
13:00 A Life | Μία ζωή JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 853
17:30 Caisa | Caisă FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 845
19:45 Reconstructing Utøya | Rekonstruktion Utøya FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 846
19:45 As Far as the Sea | Μέχρι τη θάλασσα JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 856
22:15 Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life | Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 847
22:15 Easy Lessons | Könnyű leckék PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 827
10 March 2019
14:45 As Far as the Sea | Μέχρι τη θάλασσα JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 954
15:00 Blood Kin | Blood Kin TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 934
15:00 Black Sheep | Black Sheep TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 934
17:30 Introduzione all’oscuro | Introduzione all’oscuro JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 955
18:15 My Father Is My Mother’s Brother | Tato – Mamyn Brat TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 935
19:00 Maiden | Maiden OLYMPION ID: 916
19:45 Chinese Portrait | Chinese Portrait STAVROS TORNES ID: 966
20:30 M | M FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 946

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