The Human Surge 3

The Human Surge 3

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
For the intrepid explorer of what lies between the visible and the invisible, Eduardo Williams, the boundaries of both the planet and cinema cease to exist. Similarly to The Human Surge (and in case you're wondering, no, there is no The Human Surge 2), Eduardo Williams traverses the world, capturing groups of people interacting through their bodies, souls, or screens. He presents a queer poetic exploration of place and time, senses and emotions, the fluid essence of existence, and the translucent networks that link us within the vast realm of the planet and the boundless webs we weave around it. Shot with a 350-degree camera, the film transforms into an immersive experience, requiring no additional equipment beyond its enchanting imagery and compelling ideas.
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Direction: Eduardo Williams
Script: Eduardo Williams
Cinematography: Victoria Pereda
Editing: Eduardo Williams
Sound: Paulo Lima, Yu-Hsien Wu, Chris Shiao, Ísis Araújo
Music: Alada
Actors: Meera Nadarasa, Sharika Navamani, Livia Silvano, Abel Navarro, Ri Ri Yang, Bo-Kai Hsu
Production: Un Puma, Oublaum Filmes, Estúdio Giz, Revolver Amsterdam, Rediance, Volos Films
Producers: Jerónimo Quevedo, María Victoria Marotta, Eduardo Williams, Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Ico Costa, Xie Meng, Chang Chu-ti, Aline Mazzarella, Matheus Peçanha, Naomi Pacifique, Albert Kuhn, Germen Boelens, Raymond van der Kaaij
Executive producer: Jerónimo Quevedo, María Victoria Marotta, Gerald Herman, Felipe Fernandes, Stefano Centini, Julia Alves
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Peru
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 122'
Contact: Rediance
Awards/Distinctions: Zabaltegi-Tabakalera Prize for Best Film in Zabaltegi-Tabakalera Competition - San Sebastián International Film Festival (2023)

Eduardo Williams

Eduardo Williams (1987) is a filmmaker and artist whose works explore a fluid mode of observation, looking for shared relations and spontaneous adventures within physical and virtual networks. His first feature, El auge del humano, won the Pardo d’Oro at Filmmakers of the Present at the 69th Locarno Film Festival.


2011 Puedo ver un puma (short)
2013 Que je tombe tout le temps?
2014 Tôi quên rôi! (short)
2016 El auge del humano
2018 Parsi (short)
2023 The Human Surge 3