17 Threads

17 Κλωστές (COSMOTE TV)

The Thessaloniki Film Festival, in collaboration with COSMOTE TV, presents a special screening of the first three episodes of the series 17 Threads, produced by COSMOTE TV. In the first episode “May everyone remember you,” we meet Antonis Gerakitis, a young and talented cobbler and lyre player. He lives in Cythera with his poor but proud parents, who send him to work alongside Derkos, the most renowned cobbler on the island. At a wedding celebration, where Kastelanis plays the lyre, he will catch sight of Anna, and the two will fall in love at first sight. In the second episode, “Mentor's legacy,” Kastelanis becomes the island’s first cobbler. His success does not go unnoticed and besides earning admiration from the townsfolk, it also fuels jealousy. Skaleris envies his success. Kastelanis’s mother meets with the island’s matchmaker, who sends her to Anna’s house... In the third episode, “Water Under the Bridge,” Kastelanis is at a loss about how to deal with Skaleris’s accusations, especially as the island starts to buzz with nasty rumors about him. Anna's father has made a decision regarding his daughter's engagement to Kastelanis.

Screening Schedule

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Direction: Sotiris Tsafoulias
Script: Mirella Papaeconomou, Katia Kissonergi (based on the book of the same title by Panos Dimakis)
Cinematography: Claudio Bolivar
Editing: Giorgos Georgopoulos
Sound: Panos Papadimitriou
Music: Minos Matsas
Actors: Panos Vlahos, Denia Stasinopoulou, Athina Tsilyra, Marina Psalti, Thodoris Katsafados, Melina Vampoula, Kostas Flokatoulas, Kostas Filippoglou, Alkistis Poulopoulou, Dimitra Sakali, Manos Vakousis, Taxiarhis Hanos, Fotis Thomaidis, Natasa Exintaveloni, Eirini Ioannou-Papaneofytou, Stella Antipa, Christos Velianos, Thrasos Stathopoulos, Eleni Dafni, Nikolas Drosopoulos, Pigmalion Dadakaridis, Konstantinos Siradakis, Giannis Voulgarakis, Dorothea Voutsadopoulou, Maria Kontodima, Konstantinos Tsedo
Production: COSMOTE TV,
Producers: Dionyssis Samiotis, Natalie Douka, Tasos Gourgiotis
Costumes: Vassiliki Syrma
Production Design: Michalis Samiotis
Executive producer: Dimitris Michalakis, Faye Tsitsipi
Make Up: Katerina Varthalitou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 120'

Delegate Producer: Tanweer Productions
Head of Production (Tanweer): Tasos Gourgiotis

Sotiris Tsafoulias

Sotiris Tsafoulias was born in Piraeus in 1975. He studied Maritime Business and Maritime Law, but his great love was cinema. Following a successful career in business, he turned to film. His first feature film was Common Denominator (2014), with which he participated in several international festivals, winning a total of seven awards in various categories including Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Film and Audience Award. The script of Common Denominator was adapted for the theater by Didier Long and premiered at the Théâtre de l’Atelier in Paris. The Other Me was his second feature film, winning two awards at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival: the Michael Cacoyannis Award and the Youth Jury Award of the Universities of Thessaloniki for Best Film. The film also won the Audience Award at the 12th Liège International Crime Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival, the Special Effects and Cinematic Innovation Award from the Hellenic Film Academy, and Best Director at the Taormina Film Fest. The Other Me quickly became a favorite of film-lovers and other viewers, and in summer 2019 the sequel series The Other Me: Lost Souls premiered on COSMOTE TV. The huge success of the series was followed by another season, The Other Me: Catharsis, while what will probably be the last season in the series, The Other Me: Nemesis, was presented in early 2023. In 2021 Tsafoulias directed the theater play Enigmatic Variations by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. The play was a great success in all respects and will be staged again at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in late 2023.


2014 Common Denominator
2016 The Other Me
2019 The Other Me – Lost Souls (TV Series)
2020 The Other Me – Katharsis (TV Series)
2023 The Other Me – Nemesis (TV Series)
2023 17 Threads (TV Series)