The Actor

Ali, a naturally gifted but unknown theater player, and his friend Morteza exert their talent in acting to earn a living. They perform at wealthy people’s parties to surprise them in unique styles until they receive a serious offer from a private detective company. They should disguise themselves to track down clues for cold cases. In the meanwhile, a talented actress and genius make-up artist joins them. Due to playing various roles, penetrating different organizations and individual’s lives, besides acting in varied roles, solving complicated problems in real life, they engage in intricate adventures.
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Direction: Nima Javidi
Script: Nima Javidi
Cinematography: Morteza Najafi
Editing: Emad Khodabakhsh
Music: Ramin Koosha
Actors: Navid Mohammadzadeh, Ahmad Mehranfar, Hasti Mahdavi, Haniye Tavasoli, Soha Niasti, Gelareh Abbassi, Mehraveh Sharifinia
Production: HA International
Producers: Majid Motalebi
Costumes: Elham Moein
Production Design: Mohsen Nasrolahi
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Iran
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 118'
Contact: Ziba Shahpouri

Nima Javidi

Nima Javidi is an Iranian film director and screenwriter. His first feature Melbourne (2014) which was the opening film in Venice Film Festival’s Critics' Week, has attended more than 90 festivals around the world and received 14 international awards, including Best Film in Cairo Film Festival, Best Script in Stockholm Film Festival, Best Script in Asia Pacific Awards, Best Director and Best script in Gijon Film Festival. His last project is The Actor series, which won the Grand Prize in Series Mania Festival and Honorable Mention in Serien Camp Festival and was nominated for Best Miniseries, Best Script, and Best Actor in the Seoul Drama Awards.


2014 Melbourne
2019 The Warden
2023 The Actor (TV series)