International Competition

The 15-flm selection of this year’s International Competition Program was made with Roman Charity (Caritas Romana) as a compass: The story of a daughter who sneaked into prison and breastfed her father, who had been condemned to die by starvation – a theme depicted in hundreds of artworks from antiquity to the present day

  • All Good
    Alles Ist Gut Eva Trobisch 2018, Germany
    A woman who is raped by a relative of her new boss chooses to heal her trauma with silence: She pretends that nothing has happened and tries to maintain her ...

  • Chained for Life
    Chained for Life Aaron Schimberg 2018, USA
    A beautiful actress struggles to connect with her disfigured co-star on the set of a European auteur’s English-language debut. Armed with a sardonic sense of humor, pure emotionality, a reflective ...

  • Her Job
    Η δουλειά της Nikos Labôt 2018, Greece, France, Serbia
    Panayiota, a 37-year-old illiterate housewife, leads a quiet life with her husband and their children in a modest neighborhood in Athens, Greece. To cope with the recession that has been ...

  • Holiday
    Holiday Isabella Eklöf 2018, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey
    Sascha visits her boyfriend’s villa in Bodrum, on the Turkish Riviera, full of expectations about revelry and fun till she drops. But in this household of this drug lord, there’s ...

  • Manta Ray
    Kraben Rahu Phuttiphong Aroonpheng 2018, Thailand, France, China
    A fisherman living near a coastal village of Thailand, close to the border with Myanmar, finds an injured man lying unconscious in the forest. The stranger remains silent, but accepts ...

  • Meili
    Meili Zhou Zhou 2018, Taiwan
    Meili is an ill-fated girl: she grew up without her parents, her sister and brother-in-law are harassing her for money, her dear girlfriend – with whom they were planning to ...

  • Pearl
    Pearl Elsa Amiel 2018, France, Switzerland
    Léa Pearl is getting ready for the great finals of an international bodybuilding championship, when she has an unexpected visit from the past: her ex-lover shows up with their six-year-old ...

  • Ray & Liz
    Ray & Liz Richard Billingham 2018, UK
    On the outskirts of Birmingham and the margins of society, the Billingham family perform extreme rituals and break social taboos as they muddle through a life decided by factors beyond ...

  • Smuggling Hendrix
    Φυγαδεύοντας τον Χέντριξ Marios Piperides 2018, Cyprus, Germany, Greece
    Yiannis’ plans to leave Cyprus are put on hold when his dog, Jimi, runs away and crosses the UN buffer zone that divides the “Greek” from the “Turkish” side of ...

  • Socrates
    Socrates Alex Moratto 2018, Brazil
    After his mother’s sudden death, Socrates, a teenager living on the margins of São Paulo’s coast, must learn how to stand on his own feet without a survival guide. Made ...

  • Sofia
    Sofia Meryem Benm'Barek 2018, France, Qatar
    Τwenty-year-old Sofia lives with her parents in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco with the greatest tensions among social groups. Suffering from pregnancy denial, she finds herself breaking the law ...

  • The Guilty
    Den Skyldige Gustav Möller 2018, Denmark
    A police officer who has been denoted and found himself only handling admin work receives an anonymous phone call from a woman who has been kidnapped. Confined to his office ...

  • The Harvesters
    Die Stropers Etienne Kallos 2018, South Africa, Greece, France, Poland
    Free State region in South Africa is an isolated stronghold to the Afrikaans white ethnic minority culture – the culture of the ancestors of the Dutch colonizers. Janno is an ...

  • The Waiter
    The Waiter Steve Krikris 2018, Greece
    Renos is an old-time waiter with a meticulous routine. He is a loner and an avid collector of information. His repetitive daily routine liberates him from the agony of pursuing ...

  • We the Animals
    We the Animals Jeremiah Zagar 2018, USA
    Us three. Us brothers. Us kings, inseparable. Three boys tear through their rural New York hometown, in the midst of their young parents’ volatile love. As Manny and Joel grow ...

03 November 2018
14:15 Manta Ray | Kraben Rahu OLYMPION ID: 113
04 November 2018
15:30 Chained for Life | Chained for Life OLYMPION ID: 214
17:30 Manta Ray | Kraben Rahu FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 245
18:00 Ray & Liz | Ray & Liz OLYMPION ID: 215
05 November 2018
15:30 Ray & Liz | Ray & Liz FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 344
15:30 Sofia | Sofia OLYMPION ID: 314
18:00 The Waiter | The Waiter OLYMPION ID: 315
18:30 Chained for Life | Chained for Life FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 345
06 November 2018
18:00 Sofia | Sofia FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 445
18:00 Smuggling Hendrix | Φυγαδεύοντας τον Χέντριξ OLYMPION ID: 415
20:30 The Guilty | Den Skyldige OLYMPION ID: 416
22:30 The Waiter | The Waiter JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 457
07 November 2018
15:00 The Guilty | Den Skyldige FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 544
15:30 Holiday | Holiday OLYMPION ID: 514
18:00 All Good | Alles Ist Gut OLYMPION ID: 515
22:30 Smuggling Hendrix | Φυγαδεύοντας τον Χέντριξ JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 557
08 November 2018
15:30 Socrates | Socrates OLYMPION ID: 614
15:30 All Good | Alles Ist Gut FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 644
18:00 Her Job | Η δουλειά της OLYMPION ID: 615
18:00 Holiday | Holiday FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 645
09 November 2018
15:30 The Harvesters | Die Stropers OLYMPION ID: 714
18:00 Socrates | Socrates FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 745
18:00 Meili | Meili OLYMPION ID: 715
22:30 Her Job | Η δουλειά της JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 757
10 November 2018
15:30 We the Animals | We the Animals OLYMPION ID: 814
15:30 Meili | Meili FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 844
18:00 The Harvesters | Die Stropers FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 845
18:00 Pearl | Pearl OLYMPION ID: 815
11 November 2018
13:00 Pearl | Pearl FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 943
15:30 We the Animals | We the Animals FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 944

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