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  • A Twelve-Year Night
    La noche de 12 años Álvaro Brechner 2018, Spain, Argentina, France
    September 1973. Uruguay is controlled by a military dictatorship. The Tupamaros guerrilla movement has already been crushed. Its members have been imprisoned and tortured. One autumn night, three prisoners (including ...

  • Angelo
    Angelo Markus Schleinzer 2018, Austria, Luxembourg
    In the early 18th century, a boy from Africa is sold in Europe as a slave, he grows up in the circles of a countess who turns him into the ...

  • Belmonte
    Belmonte Federico Veiroj 2018, Uruguay, Spain, Mexico
    A portrait of an artist as a middle-aged man: A famous painter, to whom everyone refers by his last name, is comfortable in dealing with human figures and their desires ...

  • Border
    Grans Ali Abbasi 2018, Sweden, Denmark
    The life of a customs officer with an incredibly acute sense of smell takes an unexpected turn when she meets a dark stranger, who carries a terrible revelation about her ...

  • Carmen & Lola
    Carmen y Lola Arantxa Echevarría 2018, Spain
    Living in a different time of the gypsies, two teenage girls learn and teach us how to smile: Carmen sells furniture in a flea market in Madrid and Lola is ...

  • Dead Women Walking
    Dead Women Walking Hagar Ben-Asher 2018, USA
    An anthology of nine heartbreaking vignettes from the last weeks, visits, moments, and wishes of women on the death row attempts to interpret the gaze of Western societies to gendered ...

  • Diamantino
    Diamantino Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt 2018, Portugal, France, Brazil
    Diamantino, the world’s greatest soccer star, loses his magic touch and sees his career collapse in disgrace. In search for a new purpose, he departs on his own anarchist odyssey, ...

  • Florianopolis Dream
    Sueño Florianópolis Ana Katz 2018, Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain
    A middle-aged couple and their teenage children set off from Argentina to Brazil to enjoy what might be their last vacation as a family – as the parents are separated ...

  • Friday's Child
    Friday's Child A.J. Edwards 2018, USA
    Eighteen-year-old Richie bids farewell to his childhood, when he is forced to leave foster care after social services’ advice, and find random jobs to sustain himself. On the streets of ...

  • Genesis
    Genezis Arpad Bogdan 2018, Hungary
    The lives of three different people cross when a neo-Nazi group fatally attacks a Roma camp in Hungary: A boy whose mother is killed in cold blood, a girl who ...

  • Happy New Year, Colin Burstead
    Happy New Year, Colin Burstead Ben Wheatley 2018, UK
    Colin has rented a lavish country manor for his extended family’s New Year celebrations. He’s the centre of attention until his brother unexpectedly arrives after a five-year absence, throwing the ...

  • José
    José Li Cheng 2018, Guatemala
    The film that received the Queer Lion in the last Venice Film Festival is introduced as a “simple story about love.” Yet nothing is really simple in Guatemala city, a ...

  • Joy
    Joy Sudabeh Mortezai 2018, Austria
    Joy is one of the thousands of Nigerian women that have ended up on the streets of Europe, trapped in the vicious circle of sex trafficking – where other women ...

  • Jumpman
    Podbrosy Ivan I. Tverdovsky 2018, Russia, Ireland, Lithuania, France
    Denis is a superhero like no other: he was raised in an orphanage and learnt how to be popular to other kids by using his unique powers of pain immunity.

  • Leto
    Leto Kirill Serebrennikov 2018, Russia
    An underground rock band in 1980s Russia experiments with a love triangle and the confines of censorship in Soviet Russia. Caught between musical passion, yearning romantic desire and a changing ...

  • Murder Me, Monster
    Muere, Monstruo, Muere Alejandro Fadel 2018, Argentina, France, Chile
    A headless body that is found in a remote region by the Andes Mountains agitates the local society, and particularly three people shaping a love triangle: David, the main suspect, ...

  • Quién te Cantará
    Quién te Cantará Carlos Vermut 2018, Spain, France
    A successful Spanish singer gets ready to return to the limelight after a decade of mysterious silence, but on the eve of her great concert she loses her memory in ...

  • Rafiki
    Rafiki Wanuri Kahiu 2018, Kenya, South Africa, France, The Netherlands, Gernany
    “Rafiki” means friend in Swahili – this is a word commonly used by Kena and Ziki, two young women that want to hide their erotic passion from the conservative Kenyan ...

  • Savage
    Les Fauves Vincent Mariette 2018, France
    The summertime idleness of a community in Southern France is disrupted when teenagers start to disappear. People start talking about a leopard wandering in the area, but Laura, who stays ...

  • Tel Aviv on Fire
    Tel Aviv on Fire 2018, Luxembourg, France, Israel, Belgium
    An ambitious young Palestinian scriptwriter who works as an intern on the production of the popular soap opera Tel Aviv on Fire tries to benefit from his daily encounter with ...

  • The Delegation
    Delegacioni Bujar Alimani 2018, Albania, France, Greece, Kosovo
    Autumn, 1990. A group of Western diplomats arrive in Albania in order to investigate human rights abuses by the communist regime still in power. Leo, a political prisoner who is ...

  • The World is Yours
    Le Monde est à toi 2018, France
    The last job of a drug dealer who dreams of retiring from the underworld goes south when his closest people get involved: his beloved woman, his former father-in-law who just ...

02 November 2018
22:00 Jumpman | Podbrosy TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 037
23:15 Diamantino | Diamantino OLYMPION ID: 017
03 November 2018
12:15 Friday's Child | Friday's Child OLYMPION ID: 112
15:30 Florianopolis Dream | Sueño Florianópolis STAVROS TORNES ID: 164
19:00 Dead Women Walking | Dead Women Walking FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 145
21:30 Carmen & Lola | Carmen y Lola SYKIES MUNICIPAL THEATER ID: ---
22:15 Tel Aviv on Fire | Tel Aviv on Fire TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 137
23:15 Border | Grans OLYMPION ID: 117
04 November 2018
15:00 Dead Women Walking | Dead Women Walking FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 244
15:30 Tel Aviv on Fire | Tel Aviv on Fire STAVROS TORNES ID: 264
21:30 Murder Me, Monster | Muere, Monstruo, Muere SYKIES MUNICIPAL THEATER ID: ---
05 November 2018
13:00 Savage | Les Fauves OLYMPION ID: 313
14:15 Carmen & Lola | Carmen y Lola PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 324
19:00 Genesis | Genezis CHRISTOS TSAKIRIS ID: ---
21:00 Border | Grans FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 346
06 November 2018
13:00 Diamantino | Diamantino OLYMPION ID: 413
15:00 Rafiki | Rafiki TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 434
15:30 Murder Me, Monster | Muere, Monstruo, Muere STAVROS TORNES ID: 464
15:30 Savage | Les Fauves FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 444
17:30 Joy | Joy TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 435
07 November 2018
19:30 Leto | Leto TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 536
20:30 The World is Yours | Le Monde est à toi OLYMPION ID: 516
20:30 Angelo | Angelo FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 546
08 November 2018
14:30 Murder Me, Monster | Muere, Monstruo, Muere PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 624
14:30 Belmonte | Belmonte TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 634
17:00 Rafiki | Rafiki PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 625
19:00 Rafiki | Rafiki CHRISTOS TSAKIRIS ID: ---
21:30 The Delegation | Delegacioni TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 637
23:00 Happy New Year, Colin Burstead | Happy New Year, Colin Burstead OLYMPION ID: 617
23:00 Friday's Child | Friday's Child FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 647
09 November 2018
12:30 The Delegation | Delegacioni TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 733
13:00 Genesis | Genezis OLYMPION ID: 713
15:00 Belmonte | Belmonte PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 724
15:00 Happy New Year, Colin Burstead | Happy New Year, Colin Burstead TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 734
17:30 José | José JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 755
20:15 A Twelve-Year Night | La noche de 12 años FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 746
21:30 Rafiki | Rafiki SYKIES MUNICIPAL THEATER ID: ---
23:15 Quién te Cantará | Quién te Cantará OLYMPION ID: 717
23:15 Jumpman | Podbrosy FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 747
10 November 2018
12:15 José | José JOHN CASSAVETES ID: 853
13:00 Joy | Joy OLYMPION ID: 813
15:00 A Twelve-Year Night | La noche de 12 años TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 834
20:30 Florianopolis Dream | Sueño Florianópolis FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 846
23:15 Angelo | Angelo OLYMPION ID: 817
11 November 2018
17:30 Leto | Leto PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 925
18:00 Carmen & Lola | Carmen y Lola FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 945
18:30 Genesis | Genezis TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 936

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