13th TDF: EDN and TDF presented self-marketing masterclass

EDN and TDF presented Self-marketing masterclass

Under the heading ‘New Markets - New Opportunities, Self-marketing for filmmakers’ EDN and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival today held the EDN Docs in Thessaloniki Master Class with the Canadian Distributor Dan Shannon from ID Communications. During the masterclass Dan Shannon gave filmmakers and producers a ‘how to’ introduction to the great possibilities the internet offers documentary professionals when it comes to self distribution and promotion of their films.

Dan Shannon presented the key mechanisms filmmakers and producers should think of when working with online marketing of their documentaries. He also touched upon essential considerations when using viral marketing, social media and keeping track of your audience.

Shannon addressed how documentaries can be brought to specific niche markets and pointed to the most effective strategies for building an online outreach campaign. He also stretched the possibility of targeting a film through free or low cost online marketing tools, which can both work effectively and keep the marketing costs down.

ID Communications is the company founded by Dan Shannon, who has, been active in film production, distribution, and marketing for more than, 20 years. The Montreal based company is focusing on films with a niche. Dan Shannon is currently finishing the book The Dot-Com Frequency, which is focusing on web marketing tactics for filmmakers. www.idcommunications.org

The New Markets – New Opportunities master class takes place within the, framework of Docs in Thessaloniki Pitching Forum 2011. The master class is organised by EDN – European, Documentary Network and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Images, of the 21st Century.