52nd TIFF: Thessaloniki Agora Market News


The Thessaloniki Agora Market is bracing for a boost this year with new developments and expansions. More specifically, the Agora Market is welcoming new countries into its fold, such as the Czech & Slovak Republic, Poland and Hungary, and takes a significant step towards Central Europe. The film projects and films from Central Europe are added to the geographical roster of South-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean (Europe, North Africa and the Middle East).

The Thessaloniki Agora Market includes the Crossroads Co-production Forum (November 8-11 2011), the Works in Progress (November 11) and the Film Market (November 5-12 2011).

Film professionals from all over the world will visit the Thessaloniki Agora Market this November in order to meet with the creative teams of the Crossroads Co-production Forum and their projects. The Thessaloniki Agora Market provides a comprehensive industry experience, which includes previewing the newest projects from the region in Works in Progress and watching films in the fully digital Film Market (titles that are included in the Festival official program, as well as other selected titles from the countries on which the Agora Market focuses).

In addition, and in light of these novel developments, it has become apparent that the Balkan region, with its many and diverse stories, has found a voice and place in international markets and festivals. In this context, the Thessaloniki Film Festival efforts have successfully come to a completion regarding Script Development. Taking into consideration the opinions of the Festival’s many professional collaborators throughout the years, a further need for Co-production, Marketing and innovative Distribution emerges; the Thessaloniki Agora Market will move forward towards this precise direction.

After 8 consecutive years and many Balkan Fund projects achieving award-winning status in international film festivals, there is no doubt that when the Balkan region required an extra push regarding Script Development, the Thessaloniki Film Festival was able to provide just that. Films such as Grbavica, Snow, Here And There, California Dreamin’, The Happiest Girl In The World, First Of All, Felicia, Small Crime, Mother of Asphalt and this year’s Man at Sea and Loverboy achieved completion and success. We thank all our participants for trusting us and supporting us all these years.

Online at www.filmfestival.gr you will find the Call for Entries for the Crossroads Co-production Forum 2011. Screenplays from the first until the completed draft are accepted.

For more information about the Agora Market and all its activities please contact Angeliki Vergou This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Yianna Sarri This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.